That’s A Wrap: Hacking Smart Home Devices, Impeachment Inquiry & Bloomberg for President

Monday, November 4:

- A plot to bomb a Synagogue was foiled. 

- Democrats revealed what witnesses have said in the impeachment inquiry.

- A U.S. citizen was scalded with battery acid in a hate crime.

- Researchers found that smart home devices are at risk for hacking, including Alexa, Google Home and Siri.


Tuesday, November 5:

- A deadly ambush on an American family in Mexico resulted in the death of nine Americans.

- Some companies have experimented with a four-day work week. Now, it is a hot topic in business.


Wednesday, November 6: 

- A hijacking scare on a plane was an accident.


Thursday, November 7: 

- Michael Bloomberg prepared to enter the presidential race for 2020.

- A single-engine plane crashed into a California home, killing the pilot.


Friday, November 8:

- The CDC identified the ingredient that may be the cause of vaping illnesses and deaths: Vitamin E Acetate.

- An alleged in-flight sexual assault resulted in a emergnecy landing at Tulsa International Airport. 


Saturday, November 9: 

- Republicans called for Hunter Biden and the whistleblower to testify at public impeachment hearing. 

- Instagram announced their plan to get rid of likes. 

Pat Sajak, host of “Wheel of Fortune,” was hospitalized.


Sunday, November 10: 

The brush fire in Los Angeles caused the evacuation of Warner Bros. Studio. 

Parts of the country are already dealing with heavy snow and ice as cold weather moves in. 


Stay tuned for next week’s week in review!