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Retail Society President Megan Hutsko


Name: Megan HutskoAge: 20Year: juniorMajor: marketing with minors in retail and leadershipHometown: North Caldwell, NJ

Her Campus: What is your position on campus?Megan Hutsko: “I am the president of the Retail Society.”

HC: How did you get involved with Retail Society?MH: “I saw the Retail Society table at Business Bash and first got involved my first semester as a regular member. Then I became the historian, then the marketing chair, the vice president, and now the president. I’ve been with the organization a long time!”

HC: What is your favorite part of being involved?MH: “I love being able to constantly learn new things about retail, whether it is from our speakers, the National Retail Federation updates, or our wonderful advisor, Cece Schulz. The industry is so vast and diverse, so there are always changes and innovations happening.”

HC: And the biggest challenge?MH: “My biggest challenge is working to grow the organization and deal with the unknown. The Retail Society is a fairly new organization and has grown a lot over the past two years, thanks to our previous president, Beth. A lot of people don’t know about all the opportunities in retail and that it is so much more than just fashion, so it is difficult to attract people and get them to re-think the way they view retail. I’m thankful to work with such a great executive board in order to expand the Retail Society and make our goals come to life.”

HC: What other things are you involved in on campus?MH: “I am a member of the Florida Leadership Academy (Class X) and am a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. I also was involved as a staff member for Gator Growl, Gators March for Babies and The Odyssey.”

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?MH: “I honestly have no idea because I don’t know where life is going to take me. I would like to see myself being successful at whatever job I’m currently in, getting to travel and definitely having a dog or two.”

HC: What is your dream job?MH: “My dream job is to be a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, living in New York City and traveling all throughout Europe and other parts of the world to find the latest trends.”

HC: What are your hobbies?MH: “Working out, shopping, hiking and of course, Netflix!”

HC: Who is your role model?MH: “My role model is my great grandmother, Dorothy. She was an extremely hard worker, never complained and was very selfless. Her family was always first, and she kept her head down to keep fighting and dealing with whatever life threw at her. She never asked for anything and was a very loving woman.”

HC: What advice would you give to new students?MH: “Get involved, but not too involved! It’s so important to get involved in whatever you are passionate about. Being involved is a great way to make friends and gain valuable skills, especially when taking on leadership positions. Our school is so big and it can be easy to get lost in the crowd, which is why being involved is a great way to make the school smaller and enhance your UF experience! From personal experience, be careful not to be so involved that you can’t keep up with your schoolwork and other commitments. Keeping up your grades is just as important!”

HC: What is your favorite memory at UF so far?MH: “My favorite memory was going to the Florida vs. Georgia game this past fall. It was my first time going and I got to go with a group of friends. My seats ended up being right next to my study abroad friend who I hadn’t seen in months. The best part was watching Florida beat Georgia and getting to experience the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party with my best friends.”

*Note: This article was originally published in Spring 2015, so all information recorded (i.e. ages, dates) is reflective of when the piece was first published.

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