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Red, White, and Black

Red, white, and black is such a classic color combination, and it’s great for these dreary rainy days UF has been experiencing lately. I saw Gigi Crispen, a 19-year-old biological engineering freshman, taking refuge in the Starbucks at Library West from the cold wet day we were having. I loved her red, white, and black outfit. While most girls are in North Face sweatshirts and leggings, Crispen wore a trendy pleather and grey jacket with a bright red and white striped shirt to add some color. Read on to learn more about her outfit!

Name: Gigi CrispenAge: 19 Year: freshman Major: biological engineering What brands are you wearing? “I know the boots are Clarks. The rest are knockoffs.” Where do you like to shop? “I love Cotton On and Dillards but prefer to fix up old things.” What inspires your style? “I think the idea that every day is a new day inspires my outfits because one day I’ll wear boots, and the next day I’m in a sundress.” What are your favorite trends right now? “I like leather!” Describe your style in two words. “Completely a-mess.” What is your go-to outfit? “Anything black and gold that is feminine but in the feminist kind of way.”


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