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Quotes ‘n’ Notes: Sophia Bush

“I think the sexiest thing on anybody is intelligence. I respect somebody who has a brain and wants to use it more than a pretty face and status.”- Sophia Bush

Female self-confidence has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been reading a lot about the personal struggles women face today, many of which were brought to my attention via Twitter by one of my favorite actresses and activists Sophia Bush.

Bush is someone who a lot of girls look up to. She’s beautiful, funny, talented, spunky, and passionate, and she is open with her fans about her personal struggles. She speaks in interviews all the time about how much her self-confidence has improved over the years. She is currently on the cover of the April issue of Maxim, and in a recent interview, she discussed how she finally feels comfortable with who she is. When I heard her speak, I couldn’t believe that someone who is overall wonderful in the eyes of so many people would have any trouble seeing herself as wonderful.

Bush played Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill — one of my favorite shows — from 2003 to 2012. Brooke was also very insecure during her high school years, and she felt that she had to appeal to guys sexually to be attractive to them. Eventually, she realized how much she was worth intellectually and emotionally, and she found an inner peace that allowed her to grow as an individual.

This inner peace is something that Bush has found as well. The journey she has gone on has inspired her to do charity work and get involved in women’s empowerment, and she speaks to thousands of women in cities all over the country who feel the same way she used to feel.

She said it best: Intelligence is sexy. If you focus on being a good person as a whole, you will find your best self, and if you believe that you’ve got something powerful to offer the world, being your best self comes easily. Don’t feel like you have to conform to any shape, size, or level of sexuality. Be who you are, and be so proud of that person that others can’t help but take notice.

Be the most intelligent you. Be the sexiest you.

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