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Puma X Maybelline: The Collab You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the biggest designers for athletic wear, a leading brand of affordable makeup and Adriana Lima as the brand ambassador, is enough information to know that the newest collaboration with Puma and Maybelline will be nothing but gorgeous. This collaboration is one of the newest of 2019 that brings new formulas of makeup designed for the “workout look.” The collaboration set has a limited edition makeup collection of 12 different pieces, which include metallic highlighters, a gloss duo face stick, new shades of super-stay matte ink, matte and metallic duo sticks and, of course, for the athletic girl who needs to make sure that the sweat doesn’t break her look, smudge-proof mascara.  



According to Maybelline, the collection is meant to be the perfect long-wear formula that can last through heavy workout sessions. The products are specially designed to resist water and sweat, making it last beyond your workouts. This new partnership comes after many years of seeing the cross combination of chic and athletic wear everywhere in the fashion world.

One of the most exciting parts about this collection is that the colors are a little bold so you will definitely stand out in spin class. This is a fresh new break from the popular muted colors that we’ve seen in the past year with a lot of makeup brands, especially celebrity-owned ones. It also makes for a perfect laid-back sporty look.



And with Maybelline being the queen of drugstore makeup, you can expect the collection to be affordable. The price range of these products will be between $9 and $13.

Puma X Maybelline Workout Looks

If you’re wondering how to style your looks in line with this collection’s streetwear-inspired products and look as good as Adriana Lima with them on, here are some outfit ideas that you can try.

1. Laidback Lavender

This is the perfect look for a long day of classes when you want to look put together without trying too hard. To get this look combine this lavender puma skateboard sweatshirt with these black puma leggings. Finish off the outfit with these black platform Puma sneakers. For makeup, use the Puma X Maybelline matte and metallic eye shadow duo stick in the shade discipline/pulse. You can also try the collection’s chrome highlighter to give your face an extra glow.

2. Retro Tracksuit

For an ultimate streetwear look, get this retro women’s track jacket and pants from Puma in the color “fig.” To complete this 90s-esque outfit, put on these dark brown shoes with a magenta stripe. You can look bold by wearing the “Courage” eyeshadow from the metallic eyeshadow duo stick in the shades “Goals/Courage.” For the lips, you can keep it simple with a light shade of “Epic” or go bold with the dark shade “Unstoppable.”

The products of the collab are slowly dropping worldwide, and you will be able to get your hands on them on Feb. 8 once it has launched in the U.S.

Jana is a graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in biology and a certificate in Spanish. She enjoys writing about fashion, beauty, entertainment, the environment and everything in between.
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