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Nobody is talking about pubes right now. It’s sickening! Go back from 20 to 2000 years ago and pubic hair is all the rage. Do you shave it, grow it out or wear a damn wig? This is what the people want to know. Now everyone wants to know if you’re wearing mini or maxi skirts. Maybe what we should be asking is what are we wearing beneath the skirts?

Pubes have come in and out of style forever. Cameron Diaz advocated for embracing the bush and loving what nature gave you. Lady Gaga once wore a bright teal merkin (pubic hair wig) to an award show performance. Cleopatra kept it bare and trendy for the time. And Jennifer Love Hewitt rocked vajazzling in place of her pubic hair.

Pubic hair used to be stylized with intent. It was a vibe, it was a moment. Now it’s a matter of how long between shaves or waxes. People see it as unclean to grow that bush. News flash! Pubic hair is there to keep you clean, so why not have some fun with it?

People don’t see your pubes that often, so see it as an opportunity for crazy personal expression. Be as out there as you want. What is holding you back from getting weird? You could keep it classy with a landing strip. Or you could avatar Aang your punani, master of waterbending. The arrow points to the secret tunnel obvi. You got a date? Cool. Shave it into a heart and dye it pink. Wanna give that Dothraki Game of Thrones Vibe? Grow it out and braid that thang. Dye it blonde and give it a fade so it looks like Justin Timberlake in NSYNC. Mullet? Side part? Waves? Messy bun? Why the hell not?

Is your kitty a sphynx or a Persian? Only you can decide. So don’t let anyone else coax you into one way of thinking. In the wise words of somebody, “YOLO.”

Ginger is a third-year Journalism major with a minor and specialty in Theories and politics of Sexuality. Ginger is passionate about fun and honest sex education and hopes to spread sex positivity via mass media. In her free time, Ginger runs a nail art account @ginger_does_nails and is always trying something new with her sorority sisters!