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Judith March navy dress with orange bow, $80

Mesh Boutique
201 SE 2nd Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601

Karina Cuevas is currently enrolled as a freshman at the University of Florida, Class of 2014, as a Journalism and Political Science double-major and a German and Business Administration double-minor. Born in New York, she moved to Orlando, Florida with her family 6 years ago and is now residing in Gainesville, Florida, thus experiencing life in both urban and rural areas. When she isn't watching E!, obsessing over Gossip Girl, working part-time at Hollister, singing along to Taylor Swift's songs, shopping, or baking, Karina enjoys journaling, taking photos around campus, and spending time with her friends and family. Because she's interested in fashion, music and journalism, after college Karina hopes to move back to New York City and land a job at a prominent magazine. (Because magazines aren't dead.) ♥
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