An Open Letter to McDreamy

The following is an open letter to my love, McDreamy. If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, or if you’ve ever even seen the show, you know how absolutely amazing Derek Shepherd, AKA McDreamy, is. I have no doubt that many of you feel the same way I do about him, and, because of that, I am writing and sharing this letter. 

Dear Dr. Derek Shepherd,

Hello. I know you don’t have much time, with the whole “saving lives” thing you do (even in heaven), but I needed to get this off my chest. You, Mr. McDreamy, are a wonderful man. From what you have done as a surgeon to how you have treated the (also amazing) Meredith Grey, I can’t help but think you are the epitome of perfection. Having said that, I just wanted to write you this letter to thank you for the positive impacts you have had on my life and others who know you.

Thank you, McDreamy, for being a great surgeon and a positive light at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Before every surgery, you say “it’s a beautiful day to save lives.” This phrase may be short, but I know it means so much to each and every patient you see. To me, that is a promise to do your absolute best to fix and save the life that is in front of you at the time. This shows your compassion and how much you truly care for people, which is so meaningful and special.

Thank you, McDreamy, for teaching me what it means to be a great parent and for being such a great husband. When I saw you holding Zola for the first time, your face said it all; she was going to be your child. Since then, you have been the most caring parent to not only Zola, but to all your children. What an inspiration. You are #husbandgoals.

And finally, thank you, McDreamy, for just being so freaking dreamy. Even though you are probably (definitely) way too old for me, and also fictional, unfortunately, you are and forever will be my ultimate crush. You’ve helped me see what values I want in my own husband one day. Your dreamy looks may have raised my expectations a little too high, but hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing at this moment in time for me.

I hope you are doing well up in fictional character heaven.

Love always,

Taylor, plus many more who secretly love you


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