New Year, New Trend: Going Global


Get in touch with your global side by introducing Tribal prints and patterns to your wardrobe this spring. These prints, inspired by Asia and Africa, are being seen all over the runways of the hottest names.


Patterns make your outfits more interesting and exciting. Why not add just the right amount of international intrigue to your ensemble with a global print? It isn’t just the prints themselves that have fashionistas all over the country going crazy – it’s the color combinations, too. Tribal prints always bring together an array of colors that somehow always seem compliment each other.  


I am a huge fan of this trend, and I was so excited when E! Fashion Police cohosts Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopolous declared that global prints would be in this spring. Tribal patterns are very versatile. You can find them in literally any color. From bright and bold, to subtle and simple, you can wear a casual, subdued global print to class. Want to make a statement during the day? Neon tribal is always fun and eye-catching! Tribal print is also wearable at night – I’ve never spent a night in Midtown without seeing someone in tribal! Because these prints are so in, you won’t have any trouble finding a print that suits you. I bet you couldn’t go into one store in the Oaks Mall without seeing at least one global-chic item. Next time you receive a chunk of change, treat yourself to some tribal. 


I own A LOT of global-printed pieces. Tops, dresses, shorts, skirts – you name it, I’ve probably got it. My love for tribal is borderline obsessive, and this spring, I’m in luck.

In this picture, I’m wearing my absolute favorite global-printed item I own. This Technicolor skirt is bold and flirty, but still has an edge to it that keeps it from being too obnoxious. Notice I paired my tribal skirt with a neutral top to keep the outfit from becoming overwhelmingly bright or cluttered. 


Sarah Fawaz, a junior pre-pharmacy and psychology major, is shown in the picture above wearing a cute and bright global printed dress. She is totally on board with the tribal trend. “I like tribal prints because they’re so outrageous and fun," she said. "you can express your style and personality through various prints and colors.” 


Bella Zabinofsky and Bianca Soffer, pictured above, are both wearing super trendy global printed skirts. These skirts are perfect for a night at midtown! 


Zabinofsky, a sophomore nutritional science major, left, thinks tribal is an awesome for standing out. “Tribal print is a bold statement and lets you get in touch with the wilder side of your closet,” she said. 


Soffer, a sophomore nursing major, right, is also a fan of tribal. “I like wearing tribal print because it’s trendy," she said. "It attracts attention without being too over the top.”


So there you have it, ladies. Even if you aren’t traveling this spring, you can add a touch of global glam to your closet with some trendy tribal.