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Naughty or Nice? A Spicy Holiday Gift Guide for Every Love Language

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Has your lover been naughty or nice this year? Well, why not let them know with a gift that turns up the heat or warms their heart? This holiday gift guide has a gift for every love language, naughty or nice:

Acts of Service

Individuals who prefer Acts of Service love the moments when actions speak louder than words. Acts where you go out of your way to make their life easier or more fun are perfect for them. Nice romantic gifts include acts like breakfast in bed, cleaning their bedroom or a fully planned surprise date. A great naughty gift would be setting up a sensual bath or massage for your partner.

Quality Time

Quality time love language individuals like to have meaningful experiences with their partners and have their full attention. Nice gifts for quality time lovers not only include spending time together, but also optimizing the time you spend together. Take them on a date where you leave your phones at home and whip out a get-to-know-each-other game like “We’re Not Really Strangers.” The best naughty gift for any quality time enjoyed is a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a night spent camping, snuggling in a tent or getting it on in a five-star resort, there’s nothing better than an uninterrupted night with your favorite person!

Physical Touch

Physical touch must be the most self-explanatory love language. Take a nice physical touch partner out for a night of dancing! Any date where you can unabashedly be all over each other is a great choice.  It’s not too hard to get naughty in the category of physical touch, but one way to make an extra special night is to turn your beau’s fantasy into a reality. Do they dream of being tied up or better yet, tying you up? Do some research and make it happen!

Words of Affirmation

Compliments, affection and affirmation. Oh my! Words of affirmation people want you to tell them exactly what you love about them and how much you love them. The nicest gift in the universe for a words of affirmation person is a love letter. Anything they can always look at that expresses exactly how you feel with make their hearts melt. As for naughty gifts, it gets a little trickier. My best idea was a customized sexy time playlist with songs that express exactly how you feel about your partner when making love to them.

Receiving Gifts

Giving meaningful and thoughtful presents is the best way to please a receiving gift person. Things that show how well you really know them. Nice romantic gifts are often customized to fit your relationship. Whether that is a matching pair of pajamas from your shared favorite TV show, their favorite flowers or tickets to a game or concert you both enjoy, tangible tokens of appreciation are the way to go. As for naughty gifts, think physical aides to spice things up: sex toys, massage oils, candles, sensory toys, lingerie or their favorite romance novel series.

Ginger is a third-year Journalism major with a minor and specialty in Theories and politics of Sexuality. Ginger is passionate about fun and honest sex education and hopes to spread sex positivity via mass media. In her free time, Ginger runs a nail art account @ginger_does_nails and is always trying something new with her sorority sisters!