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Music Mondays: 8 Musical Artists SGP Should Bring to UF

UF’s Student Government Productions brings A-list artists to Gainesville – just this school year, we’ve had Andy Grammer, Magic!, Wiz Khalifa and soon-to-be Hunter Hayes and Cassadee Pope. However, you can never have too many concerts. So naturally, I’ve composed a haiku (and a list) for SGP with suggestions for which artists to bring to campus. And now, a haiku:

I love these artists

Please bring them all to me now

I’ll cry a lot, thanks

1. Walk The Moon
A lot of people are sick of “Shut Up and Dance,” but this Ohio-based band has so many more great songs between their two albums. I’ve seen WTM three times, and their shows never get old.

2. James Bay
Coming off his recent Grammy nominations, James Bay would be a perfect artist to bring to play the Phillips Center. He also could give us collegiettes a good cry, which is never a bad thing.  

3. Zayn
If we can’t have One Direction, at least give us Zayn. Go listen to “Pillowtalk” right now and meditate on the idea of Zayn Malik breathing the same air as you. Done that? Okay, now petition SGP to book him.

Similarly to No. 3, if we can’t have the Jonas Brothers then – by gosh, please just let us have Joe. “Cake By The Ocean” is such a tune, especially when played live.

5. Fall Out Boy
What are FOB doing with their lives right now? If you said nothing, then you’re probably right, so they should come to UF to play all their greatest hits.

6. Jason Derulo
Derulo has so many hits that it’s hard to remember them all – but if he performed at UF, I guarantee most of us would know all the words. Songs like “Want to Want Me,” “Wiggle,” “Talk Dirty,” “In My Head” and “Watcha Say” would be so fun to jam out to with all of your friends. (And those abs tho.)

7. The 1975
The release of a new album this Friday will kick off the band’s spring tour – so adding a stop in Gainesville wouldn’t be too hard, right? Their first album is ace, and the new one is sure to be a jam, too.

8. Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick went to UCF two years ago, so why hasn’t he come here? I think this is an outrage – if SGP needs to put money away for a few semesters to afford him, then that’s how the cookie crumbles.

What’d you think of my suggestions? If you didn’t completely agree, tweet or message SGP to let them know who you want to see come to UF and then let me know you’ve done so by tweeting at me (@courtnerz). You never know which artists they might choose, and there’s always next semester! (Unless you’re graduating, then it just sucks to suck.)

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Courtney is a third-year journalism major from Jacksonville and could not be more excited to start her first semester with Her Campus. With her love for concerts starting in kindergarten, she's seen almost 100 shows in seven states to date. When she's not daydreaming about Harry Styles, she’s catching up on CBS reality shows, online shopping or chugging sweet tea (and, probably, still daydreaming about Harry Styles).
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