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Missing Bridgerton? What to Expect From Season 3 and New Spinoff Series

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Alexa, play Bridgerton’s instrumental rendition of “Wildest Dreams.”

If only there were a new Bridgerton season ready for release. In the waiting period, we’re left to dream of Simon’s monologue and Anthony’s stolen glances. All we want are ball gowns, extravagant parties, and slow-burn romance. 

Although, there is quite a lot to be excited for. First, the spinoff series starring a younger Queen Charlotte is set to be released in May. This prequel will follow the young Queen on her way to power and prestige. It will also tell the love story between her and King George – a romance that sparked societal shifts and created the world as we know it in Bridgerton. 

Though we don’t know too much about the upcoming mini series, we do know that there will be eight episodes. We can also expect scenes with Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton – perhaps, some before she was a Bridgerton too. 

Another interesting insight is that Queen Charlotte’s character is loosely based on the real Queen Charlotte. This has led to a lot of digging by fans, and many guesses as to what her ancestral past will look like. Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte has been somewhat of an enigma, positioned as powerful with little to no background. King George and his illness is an important plotline, but one that is barely elaborated upon. This series will answer many questions and give fans the foundation they desire. 

Shifting a bit from the spinoff, what about Bridgerton season three? Though no release date has been set, production started over the summer. And, it’s been announced that this season will center around Penelope and Colin (Yay!). 

For the first time since the start of the series, they’re veering from the original order in the books. There are eight books in the series – one for each Bridgerton. Though the plotlines differ slightly, each book is a different Bridgerton love story, just like the show. The first book, The Duke and I, is Simon and Daphne’s story. The next, The Viscount Who Loved Me, is Anthony and Kate. The third book is called An Offer From a Gentleman, and follows Benedict and his love interest, Sophie. Rather than sticking to this order, the show is skipping over the third book and moving right on to Penelope and Colin’s story: Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Fans suspected the third season would star Benedict. Based on his book, it would’ve gone something like this: at the start of the season, Benedict meets a masked Sophie Beckett at his mother’s ball and immediately falls for her. Little does he know, Sophie’s the illegitimate daughter of an Earl and thus cast out of societal ranks. The two are separated when Sophie rushes home before the clock strikes midnight. It isn’t until two years later that they reconnect, though Benedict fails to recognize her. Still, the two build a relationship separate from the fantasy they once held onto. 

This is the plot in An Offer From a Gentleman, and what is now rumored to be the show’s fourth season. When asked why Benedict’s story was skipped, showrunner Jess Brownell said the following: “I really feel like it’s Colin and Penelope’s time. Because we’ve been watching both of these actors on our screens since season one, we’ve already been invested in them a little bit.” While we’re eager for Benedict’s story, how could we argue with that logic? It’s about time Penelope and Colin find their way to happy ever after. Besides, this will give them the opportunity to set up Benedict and Sophie’s story this season.

However, the show will certainly be changing some of what’s in the book. For instance, the true identity of Lady Whistledown is hardly discussed in the books until Romancing Mister Bridgerton. And with that, most of Colin and Penelope’s story surrounds her big secret. There is also a huge time jump – about 10 years after Daphne and Simon are married! I’m assuming that won’t happen this time around, especially if they’re skipping Benedict. 

Another thing to be excited for? The return of Anthony and Kate. It has been confirmed that both will return for season three and each will play a prominent part. Hopefully, that’ll mean a glimpse into married life and the start of their family. Maybe some brotherly guidance from Anthony to Colin, too. 

And if you can’t wait another second for the spinoff or season three, read the series! It’s wonderful. All eight books provide a new perspective into the family and their differing personalities. Their love stories are all equally special, as is their character growth. The books are just different enough from the show to make it a worthwhile investment. Not to mention, you’ll be well ahead of the game by the time they make it to season eight.

Here’s to the Bridgerton-verse! The fictional family that consumes our hearts and our minds – in more ways than one. 

Dayna Maloney is a fourth-year advertising major at the University of Florida. As an avid reader and writer, Dayna has an undying passion for storytelling. She thrives in any creative setting with a love for books, music, photography, film, and art. Dayna believes in spreading love and inspiring others to be their best and fullest selves.