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The Mid-Semester Slump, as told by Community

It’s about that time of year when we realize that we’re far too deep into our commitments and have no choice other than to make it through the rest of the semester. This is that feeling brought to you by Community.

That moment when you realize your classes, work and extracurriculars are actually an impossible combination

Those people that say that they don’t understand how you’re actually that busy

Sometimes you can’t figure out why it is you’re so tired

But then you realize it’s because you’re never fully rested or not worried

And when midterm time rolls around, you realize you’re less than ready

The feeling when you’re 110% certain you’ve taken on too much

And everyone says that you should take a break but it’s literally impossible

But sometimes your friends can convince you to take a night off for fun

And then when you remember everything you have to do you’re 110% certain you’ve taken on too much

But someone says that you’re almost halfway through the semester

Just remember — winter break is a glimmer in the dark.

All I have to say is hang in there —you can make it through!

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