#ManCrushMonday: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling. Two harmless words apart, yet together they send a countless number of chills down the spines of women around the globe. There is so much to love about this sensational human (even if he is Hollywood's newest DILF and now permanently tied to Eva Mendes). If you aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons why he’s earned his rightful throne as HC UFL's first #ManCrushMonday.

First, can we just admire this?

Good. Now that I’ve recruited all you non-believers, let us move forth. 
If you are a man and you can admit that you love Disney, I can admit that I most likely want to touch your face with my face.

“One time I saw Ryan Gosling wearing a striped tank top and grandpa glasses, so I bought a striped tank top and grandpa glasses.” – Male hipsters worldwide

He’s got lots of moves.

He sometimes gets frustrated when you won’t get in the water but quickly apologizes like the gentlemen he is.

Love a man who understands the importance of properly voluminous hair. 

He’s almost as hot as this slice of pizza. Almost.

He’s all about Y-O-U.


If you didn’t already appreciate the piece of art entitled Ryan Gosling, now you do. And if you still don’t, my condolences to you because your standard of men is humanly unattainable.