#ManCrushMonday: One Direction

We all pretend to hate them. As much as we feel totally cliché and ashamed of ourselves for fostering an undeniable passion for a boy band, every girl is a 1D-er at heart. One Direction sang their way to the top of the charts and to the center of our hearts, especially with that new album. Let’s take a second this Monday to appreciate the lovable Brits who have set the unrealistically high standards of men for every girl in the country.

What woman doesn’t love a man with a natural sense of rhythm?

Or one who understands and appreciates the art of multitasking?

Forgot to buy a tree for Christmas? No problem; just wrap up a member of 1D with Christmas lights and you’re set. Who needs the smell of pine trees when you can have the scent of man?

Great smile and holding a guitar?! Illegal. This hotness is illegal.

I can’t even be mad that Niall’s taking a selfie because I know it will be beautiful. I know it.

They’re a triple threat: looks, talent and athleticism.

I bet Harry could take really artsy black and white Instagrams of lawn chairs. And I would definitely like it.

Louis doesn’t even know how to handle the effect he has on females. Shh, shh, Louis, don’t worry your beautiful little face. It will be all right. Shhhhhh.

Niall, you beautiful man. Why?

Teach me how to wear a leather jacket, Zayn.

If you aren’t in love with these British gods, consider registering for counseling for your unreasonably and radically high standards.