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#ManCrushMonday: Evan Peters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

You probably know Evan Peters from the cast of American Horror Story. No matter who he plays on screen — a psycho, a hero, a resurrection or a freak — Evan never fails to make you swoon with his smile and heroic deeds. His fiancé, Emma Roberts, who is also on the show, is one lucky lady. It looks like their romance wasn’t only for the cameras. Emma may already have him, but we can still appreciate this horror hunk. Here’s why we love him to pieces.

He is literally darling.

He laughs at all your silly jokes.

He respects your wishes and treats you like a lady.

And when he winks? *Swoon*

Forget all the frat guys on campus. Evan’s the frat star for you.

Just look at his bedroom eyes.

He’s environmentally conscious and never wastes good food, especially bacon… don’t drop the bacon.

How can you resist a man who loves dogs just as much as you do?

Evan’s got moves on a Dirty Dancing level.

I love you, too, Evan!

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