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#ManCrushMonday: Dylan O’Brien

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

In a world dominated by vampires and werewolves, there are a lot of options for someone trying to get their supernatural fix. While many of these shows have come and gone in the post-Twilight age we’re currently living in, a few have weathered the storm and remain some of the top performing shows on television. One is Teen Wolf, a show about a high school boy whose life changes dramatically when he becomes a werewolf. Of course, any good supernatural show has to have a stereotypical human BFF to help the protagonist through the hard times. For Teen Wolf, that character is Stiles Stilinski, who is played by the lovely Dylan O’Brien. He’s achieved a new level of fame that comes along with acting in a book-turned-movie franchise, after playing Thomas in The Maze Runner. Let’s look at what makes Dylan our #ManCrushMonday.

Season one of Teen Wolf, when we only began to see Dylan’s potential as a future hottie.

Fast forward a few years where Dylan has reached his maximum level.

He proves that you don’t have to be the hotshot werewolf to be considered sexy.

I’m sure we can all appreciate a man in glasses. Talk nerdy to me baby.  

So rugged. Who wouldn’t want to be trapped in a maze with him?

We love you too, bae!

Amanda is a senior studying Telecommunication News and the Campus Cutie Writer for Her Campus UFL. She also works as a reporter for WUFT News and as a writer for Fnatic. When she’s not working Amanda enjoys watching Food Network, cats, eating mashed potatoes, and playing League of Legends