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#ManCrushMonday: Chris Evans

Being that the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War is coming out next Friday, I formally declare this Chris Evans Appreciation Week. Because he’s our #MCM, let’s all take a moment to revel in why we love him and why he’s actually the best Avenger.

1. He has his flaws.

2. I mean, he’s only human.

3. But he redeems himself with that smile.

4. And this look.

5. Speaking of which, have you noticed how expressive his eyebrows are?

6. Just look at how his brows tell the story.

7. He would make a great neighbor.

8. His positivity is endearing.

9. As if anyone could ever resist this plea.

10. Real men can dance.

11. He can save the world.

Thank you, Chris, for your service to this world and for being the finest superhero there could ever be. You know I’ll be first in line May 6 at the Captain America: Civil War premiere.

Photo credit: bdcwire.com

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