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#ManCrushMonday: Aziz Ansari

Not only is Aziz Ansari the man behind Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford, but he also does hilarious stand-up comedy and stars in his own Netflix show, Master of None. He’s got style, swag and a sweet smile. Need some more convincing on why you should make Aziz your #MCM?

First of all, look at this adorable smile.

He’s got that on-screen swagger.

He knows what’s up when it comes to feminism.

Don’t forget these words of wisdom.

He’s not afraid to call out racism in entertainment.

Even on social media.

His stand-up is hilarious and preaches the truth.He’s always super relatable.Have I mentioned he’s hilarious?

He has the best dating advice, so he’d make a great boyfriend.
And look how adorable he is.

He’s got some moves.

Look at that smoulder.

If you make Aziz your #MCM, he’ll be super excited!

Petrana Radulovic is a senior studying English and Computer Science. She hopes to be a writer someday and live in the Pacific Northwest, where she will undoubtedly divide her time between sipping coffee at a local café and sipping coffee in her living room, working on her latest story. She enjoys singing when she thinks she’s the only person at home, obsessively watching America’s Next Top Model, and wearing all black no matter what the weather. In her future, she sees many cats and many books and many mugs. She is currently the Senior Editor for HerCampus UFL, but writes the occasional article because she can't help herself. This is her sixth semester with HerCampus.
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