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#ManCrushMonday: Alex Pettyfer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Still searching for your Prince Charming? Let me present Alexander Richard Pettyfer, the man of your dreams. This British sweetheart can give you anything your heart desires, including Endless Love and protection from aliens with his superhuman powers in I Am Number Four. Not convinced? Let’s check off his dreamy qualities.

To start, he keeps a steady workout regimen.

You’ll never want to say goodbye when he drops you off after a romantic moonlit date.

He’ll keep you twirling around the dance floor until you lose a slipper.

Ready to take the next step? Buy a puppy with Alex — beagles are his favorite.

His poetic expression of love will make you swoon.

Alex isn’t too cool to act like a little kid with you from time to time.

You’re not the only one in search of that epic romance.

Now this is the face of your Prince Charming.

If you’re not convinced yet (which is nearly impossible), I highly encourage you to watch Endless Love so you can dream about this gorgeous man and his romantic charm for months to come. 

Hi! My name is Kristia, but I also go by Kris. I'm from Miami, but now I'm at the University of Florida. I'm a second-year public relations major and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Some of my favorite things to do are painting, reading, blogging and finding new music.I'm a cat person. My favorite place in the whole world is Costa Rica. You can check out my personal blog at thehiddenbeats.wordpress.com
Victoria is a junior journalism major at the University of Florida. As a writer for Her Campus, she enjoyed writing about fashion and giving advice to readers. She is currently a senior editor of Her Campus UFL and is in training to become the chapter's next Campus Correspondent. Outside of class and Her Campus, you can find Victoria scoping out cute boys with friends, longboarding around campus, or hanging out with her Alpha Omicron Pi sisters. She enjoys traveling to new cities, spending time outside, drinking toffee nut iced coffees, shopping, trying new types of food and working for Her Campus!