Locked Down in Bed? Stay Put (Together)

So, it’s old news to us all that an entire year later we are still living through a pandemic, seeing the world under a mask and surviving a homebound life where we are forced to productively move forward and find inspiration within our confined spaces. But, despite the isolation and uncertainty, big dreams and inspiring thoughts tend to come to fruition right upon our beds. This is our comfort zone; it’s the place we lay to overanalyze the world around us, our lives and think out our biggest dreams, but today’s talk really isn’t that deep.

Through all this dreaming atop our plush and cozy beds, did we ever take notice that some of our biggest inspirations, at least in terms of fashion, were physically lying right beneath us? Yes, I am referring to our bedding, which has long been adorned with layers upon layers of a wide range of patterns and fabrics.

After almost an entire year of going in and out of lockdown phases, it’s no surprise that the upcoming leading trends for the spring season would be heavily influenced by pieces in our homes. Whether intentional or not, 2021 is incorporating fabrics of a quilt, crochet, chunky knits, tufts, florals, eyelet and fleece, all of which can traditionally be found on a well-dressed bed.

As we transition from winter to spring, one can see the season’s styles tousling with trends inspired by the at-home lifestyle the world has transitioned to, aka a cottagecore Pinterest dream. Just picture prancing through flower fields in the European countryside or having a garden party in your favorite peasant dress and eyelet garments.

Why the Hype Around Cottagecore?

Have we really come to the point where we let aesthetics dictate our lives? That is a shameful possibility, but this one is a bit different and overall, more timely.

The cottagecore theme essentially ties in a simpler and more sustainable way of living, incorporating agricultural skills and lifestyle. You may have even found yourself participating in some village-life activities like gardening, sewing and even enjoying a picnic surrounded by nature. So why do we care? It seems as though the tastefulness of this cozy, at-home lifestyle has trickled down into our fashion senses.

Let’s Talk Crochet

You may have seen this trend make an appearance on your Pinterest feed or even on some of your favorite clothing sites, but if you haven’t, I am here to catch you up. Crochet is definitely making a comeback for the warmer upcoming months, and, no, I am not just talking about that 2013 festival-inspired crocheted bikini top. Better yet, crochet is making its way into some truly unique forms. Long seen on your grandmother’s vintage-styled bed or used as a colorful, patchwork throw, these designs and styles are now being worn as totes, hats and tops. This light and breezy silhouette make for the best styling piece for the hot days to come, not to mention your bed may have been way ahead of the trend forecasts.

Quilt it or Leave it

Now this one, you may very well be shaking your head to. At first thought, how could a quilted pattern actually be stylish? Making for the optimal transitional piece on those chillier nights that call for a light jacket to throw over, quilted zip-ups are just the piece we all needed. Commonly seen on sites like Free People, these warm yet still airy jackets perfectly compliment the new zip-up jacket craze while adding a bit of flare. Their loose and baggy fits make for the perfect effortless look while still tying in practicality. Don’t be so quick to drool on that old quilted blanket of yours, this bad boy might become your next go-to pairing.

Hints of Florals and Eyelet

Can you ever kiss those grandma florals goodbye? In all honesty, this timeless piece, bouncing from tacky to trendy, is truly here for the long run. Each time the spring season blooms over, nature has its way of constantly reinspiring the fashion of flowers.

You also can’t forget about the old-time eyelet look, speaking to the heart of your cottage dream home and incorporating the flower cutouts long used on the trimmings of pillowcases and bed skirts. Now commonly paired with a chunky and edgier shoe, these prints are sure to be circulating throughout the season.

Ruffle Around the Edges

Don’t take these baby doll silhouettes for being juvenile; these girly, whimsy ruffles can be found on some of the hottest dresses of the season. The ideal dress for frolicking through flower fields, these flirty numbers can be seen on the it-trend of puff sleeves, flowy blouses, and loose maxi or mini dresses. This is yet another perfect piece to either wear with soft and dainty accessories or the perfect style to toughen up with loads of black and leather. So be prepared to wake this baby from his or her? long nap because this style is making its way back in full force.

Whether or not you leave here feeling well-prepared for the upcoming season, keep this embedded in your thoughts: inspiration can be found in the places you least expect it to.