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Let’s Link: The Girl Boss Guide to LinkedIn

In today’s academic landscape, it isn’t enough to have a killer resume or to be mega involved if you don’t capitalize on the opportunities that come along with it. You should aim to get in front of the big screen so-to-speak. Networking with companies you see potential in, connecting with peers and learning skills that are priceless in your field of choice is what you need to catapult yourself to the next stage of your career. LinkedIn is the perfect source for this. However, it can be easy to get overwhelmed if it’s new to you. The following are some tips and tricks to setting up your LinkedIn to land you your dream role — girl boss style. 

Add a professional headshot to your profile

A business-professional profile picture not only shows off your personality and sets the tone of your page, but it can also earn you more opportunities! A profile photo increases your credibility and can get you 21 times more visits than those without profile pictures. Grab a friend, a camera and your favorite blazer and get that money shot! Additionally, adding a background image can also help you show off your personality and demonstrate your interests to employers. Feel free to get creative here, just keep in mind that this is a networking media and not a social media platform like Instagram or Twitter.

Share your dreams and experiences in the “About” section

The “About” section is at the top of your profile. Acting as a virtual elevator-pitch, this section is a great place for you to tell employers about yourself. Things to include in this section are your education, your career aspirations, experiences and even small details like your hobbies or a fun fact that shows off who you are! As long as you set the tone to lighthearted and professional, feel free to write about what you think shows you off in the best light. 

Keep your page updated with work and educational experiences

A LinkedIn page is much like a resume: you must keep it up to date with relevant work. As you leave positions and accept new ones, make sure your profile is reflective of that. Each position you have on LinkedIn should additionally include a summary of the job expectations, duties and what you accomplished during your time. You can also format this section in bullet points, just make sure it stays consistent with the rest of your profile. Additionally, if you have any creative content to display (a professional website, a published article, photography samples) linking them to your profile is a way to show off your accomplishments to potential employers!

Add a list of skills

When looking to hire someone, companies or employers often have a very specific set of skills in mind that pertain to the tasks and duties outlined in the job. You bring yourself one step closer to being the star applicant by outlining what makes you. Are you adaptable? Creative? Analytical and good in group settings? Listing these assets is a good way to help both you as an applicant and an employer looking to hire someone to determine if you are the right fit for the position in mind.

Request endorsements

Having an employer or co-worker endorse you is a great way to gain credibility on LinkedIn. Because people can be very different than they seem online, a verified endorsement of your skills by a real person ensures that you aren’t unfairly boasting your experiences or skills. You are as good as you seem. 

Now that you know the basics, you are officially one step closer to a large network and a stellar profile. Get out there and link up. Famous last words: let’s connect!

Shay is a second year advertising major, leadership minor. She likes traveling, eating vegetarian food, and petting her dog, Ziggy. She hopes to pursue a career in account management after graduating.
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