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It Cosmetics CC Cream: Is It Worth the Hype?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

If you’re like me, you’re constantly searching for the best makeup product to cover up stubborn pimples and to even out your skin tone. When looking for makeup advice, I head to YouTube to hear what others have to say. For years beauty influencers have raved about the It Cosmetics CC Cream, insisting that we all just have to have it. Many reviews are saying how it’s “your skin, but better.” 

I asked my friends if they have ever tried it and one of my friends told me, “As someone who has combination skin, it’s able to balance my skin perfectly. It doesn’t cake up or crease and can withstand the heat throughout the day. I recommend it!” 

I decided to test out this product to see if it is worth the hype.

Now you may be asking, what is a CC cream? 

CC cream stands for “color correcting” cream. It’s similar to a BB cream, yet it is infused with sunscreen for protection from the sun. It also has a lighter texture and consistency than foundation. In 2013, It Cosmetics launched their CC cream, which changed the game for their brand.

Makeup lovers were ecstatic to see a product in stores that was lightweight and moisturizing yet could cover what it needed to. The It Cosmetics CC cream is available at the It Cosmetics website, Sephora and Ulta and is priced at $39.00. It comes in twelve shades. This CC cream has a list of benefits like sun protection from the added SPF 50, the ability to make pores appear less visible, anti-aging properties, a brightening color correcting effect and more.

So, does it actually work?

Having oily and acne-prone skin from a young age, I’ve always wanted to cover my blemishes and uneven skin tone. Over the years, I have tried countless foundations, powders, concealers and BB creams. None of those products seemed to give me the right amount of coverage while looking alright on top of my skin. Even if one doesn’t struggle with acne, we all have those frustrating pimples that come out here and there, and sometimes we just want a flattering makeup product to apply when we’re getting dolled up. After hearing about the It Cosmetics CC cream for years I decided to test it out to see if it worked. 

I walked into Ulta to find the cream and ended up purchasing the lightest shade, “Fair.” It has a warm, yellow undertone. To test out the product I decided to apply it to one side of my face with a dense, flat kabuki brush and to the other side with a makeup sponge — both from the brand Morphe.

I applied my moisturizer, primer and then it was showtime. As I was applying the product on the right side of my face with the brush, I noticed that a little went a long way. As I stippled the product into my skin, I stopped here and there to make observations. When I looked closely at my skin, I liked what I saw. It wasn’t cakey, there weren’t any brush strokes, and the coverage wasn’t insanely full but enough to where I didn’t look as red.

I would say this cream is medium coverage but is buildable. Under my eyes and around the sides of my nostrils, I had a little bit of creasing, but that was my only complaint at that point. On the other side, which I applied with a beauty sponge, I saw the same results. The only difference with this side was that I had to use a little more product since the sponge absorbed some of it.

I set my face with powder and went on with my day to see how the product would hold up. With the sun beating down at almost all hours of the day, I was nervous to see what it would look like on my skin after a while. When I came home from a day of studying, walking around campus and running errands, I did a check-in.

I have oily skin so of course there was oil, but there was no excessive creasing or any parts of my face where the product had faded or rubbed off. I was shocked, seeing how I have always had products look cakey on my skin or just never last like they say they will.

I repeated this process a few times throughout the week and had similar results every time. I also tried this product on my roommates who have dry skin and it worked incredibly well and lasted throughout the day. However, on dry skin, it looked better applied with the beauty sponge, whereas on oily skin, it looked better with the brush. 

Is It Worth It?

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this product performed. It was long-lasting, had great coverage and didn’t make my skin look there were pounds of makeup on it. Although on the more expensive side, I think this product is well worth the money. It also comes in a travel size so you can use that as a sample if you would like to try this product out before committing. It’s difficult to find a product that can check off all the boxes, but this one does.


Journalism major at the University of Florida.