Involved and Immersed Gators: Annisa Setiawan

Name: Annisa Setiawan

Major: Engineering

Year in school: Freshman

Hometown: Naples, Florida

Although just a freshman, engineering student Annisa Setiawan is taking the UF campus by storm.  She has taken full advantage of involvement opportunities on campus and used them to amerce her in culture as well as get acquainted with the student body. As the semester is nearing its close, Her Campus UFL decided to ask her a few questions about her campus involvement to help anyone who may be looking for some guidance.

Her Campus UFL (HC): Which organizations are you a part of and what is the purpose of your membership?

Annisa Setiawan (AS): I'm in WECE (Women of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Freshman Leadership Program, Asian-American Student Union, Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, Closing Ceremony Committee and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). I found myself in most of these organizations due to my major, electrical engineering.

HC: Did you know what organizations you wanted to be a part of at the beginning of your college start?

AS: I didn't know what clubs I wanted to join exactly. I just went in knowing that I wanted to be in a lot of professional organizations and those related to my major. Most of them are very professional; WECE ties into ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), which focuses primarily on computers and coding.

HC: Was there anything or person that influenced you to join your multiple groups?

AS: I get a mentor for almost all my organizations; some of them help me professionally with a resume and internship, and some are there as a friend. They helped motivate me in my major and [to] create connections socially.

HC: Do you think involvement has helped immerse you in the College of Engineering?

AS: The college is very close to the students and their organizations. WECE made me feel connected to the college that I'm in. When I go to their events, like the Amazing Race that happened, a lot of people from different types of engineering fields, including faculty, will pop in. There's also luncheons to dine with faculty and recruiters.

HC: Are there any other activities that interest you or that you may want to join later in your collegiate career?

AS: I have two classes that I'm currently in that deal with plants, so I would love to explore something maybe in that area.  So perhaps a gardening club if I have time. I was also thinking about something in the outdoors; I know they have an Adventure Club. A fashion design club would be cool or a magazine club.


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Annisa Setiawan