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I Tried Buying Clothes from a Popular Facebook Site, & Here’s What Happened

When scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I often get interrupted by ads that I simply scroll past without much thought. However, lately, I have been seeing ads from women’s clothing companies such as Romwe and Shein that make me do a double take. Companies like these advertise on Facebook for clothing that is very trendy with ridiculously low prices and extreme promotions like 50 percent or more off full-priced items. At first, I was sure that these companies had to be a scam, but I was so curious that I decided to check out one of the websites and make an order. Here’s what happened!

I figured all I had to lose was the money I spent, and when I was getting deals like a romper for $4.99, I knew the monetary loss wouldn’t be significant.

The first thing you need to know about these inexpensive, fast fashion online empires is that they often have headquarters outside of the U.S., so you will be waiting longer than usual to receive your order. When I ordered from Romwe, I purchased several items. I felt optimistic when I got an email that one of the items had shipped just a few days after I placed the order, but all of the others shipped over a month after I placed my order. Definitely keep this time-delay in mind if you decide to place an order, and if you’re shopping for an occasion that is quickly approaching, then ordering from a site like this would not be reliable.

After weeks of waiting, my order had finally arrived and I eagerly ripped open the packaging in hopes of some great new pieces. My reaction on my order is very mixed. Some of the pieces that I ordered were really great, including a black dress that fits me like a glove and a two-piece set that is perfect for a night out with friends. However, some of the other pieces quite frankly did not meet my expectations.

One of the two-piece sets that I ordered was terrible quality, did not fit and did not look like the picture I saw online. ne dress that I ordered was way too big, even though the labeling says size small. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be returning these pieces because the cost to ship them back is more than what I paid for them in the first place.

Overall, I would not order again from a cheap, unestablished clothing store that advertises on Facebook due to the fact that it is unreliable. However, I am not totally sorry that I placed an order with Romwe. I had always been curious about these stores, and now I have first-hand experience to share with my friends — and now, you! Also, the few successful pieces that I have probably would have cost equal to or more than what I paid for the whole order, so with that in mind, I don’t view my experience as a total failure.

If you are looking for a specific article of clothing for an event, a store like this may not be your best bet, but if you’re just looking for a little something to spice up your wardrobe and are okay with taking a risk, a store like Romwe may be worth a shot!

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