I Lost My Motivation. Here’s How I Got it Back

There comes a point in time when we want nothing more than to stay in bed and forget all of our responsibilities. It can be a lot to handle everything at once; college, jobs, responsibilities and expectations are just some of the things that the typical college student balances. I’m the type of person who bites off more than I can chew, and at times when I feel burnt out, I take these steps to prevent a full blown I-don’t-want-to-do-anything meltdown.

1. Vision Board

I know, I know, vision boards are everywhere and overrated. Nevertheless, there is certainly a reason that they aren’t out of style just yet – they work. Big or small, with the theme of a year, a month, a week or even a day, vision boards are encouraging. It’s pretty simple to make one, there are tons of pictures out there (ahem, HCUFL Pinterest) and lots of goals to be completed. Putting it in a place that’s visible is even more helpful in strengthening your drive.

2. Playlists

Playlists will never go out of style. Here’s a tip, the more playlists, the better. I’m not talking about one for every mood throughout the day. I mean one for every activity. A playlist before going to your not so favorite class, a homework playlist, one that says “you need to do this” because your grade and life depends on it,” filled with uplifting, powerful and catchy songs that get you out of a funk and into work mode. Music is a powerful thing and sometimes, depending on the song we play, it can cause our emotions to match the tone of that song, so why not fill your playlist with uplifting songs to get you through the day?

3. Favorite Foods

A majority of people are happy when it comes to food. Me especially, when it comes to my favorite foods I’m at my happiest. Doing your homework or any other activity while snacking on your favorite food can help you stay alert and elevate your mood. Of course, too much of a good thing is bad, and too much of a bad thing is even worse, so if your favorite foods aren’t particularly healthy, try a healthier alternative to them so you can both snack and be guilt-free.

4. Tough Love

I find that tough love is another great motivator. Whether it’s from your family or friends, there’s no greater thing than being surround by people who encourage you to do better and be better than you were yesterday. Something different is giving your friends or family the tasks of checking up on you throughout the day. Whether it be a text message that reads “have you completed X,Y, Z yet?” to even a FaceTime call that shows proof that you (hopefully did!), and if you didn’t, well, your guilt will motivate you soon enough.

5. Rewarding Yourself

Sometimes stress and a lack of motivation are caused by not giving yourself the proper acknowledgement for your accomplishments. A nice pat on the back, a facemask or even a two-hour Netflix marathon is all you need to let yourself know that even through all that hard work, you deserve a break. Even rewarding yourself just a little after crossing something off your to do list is fine to do if it keeps you motivated to continue finishing the list!

Everyone has had those days when they don’t want to get up and do something. I know I’ve had my fair share. Over time, these simple tips and tricks have helped me to keep my motivation at its highest no matter how I feel. Photo source: pexels.com