How to Throw A Love Island Party

*Note:* The idea for this article was created from an Instagram story by Hannah Orenstein, senior dating editor at Elite Daily and the author of two novels.

Congratulations! Looks like the savage Caroline Flack is out, and you’re in as the host of “Love Island.” At least for one night, that is.

Get ready to transform your home into a romantic villa getaway for your friends-turned-Islanders.

Leave Yankee accents behind. Love only speaks in UK accents at this party. Get ready for love, drama and maybe even some tears in your very own “Love Island” party.

Grab your favorite single lads and birds, and be ready to get cracking. The only question you have to ask: “Are you ready to find love?"

Before the party

First, select your single and ready to mingle Islanders. Keep the invite list on the smaller side to heighten the intimacy. Send out a poll ahead of time asking your Islanders for interesting facts used in challenges later. Questions can range from your favorite physical feature to your most embarrasing memory. It’s up you, as Flack, to determine how spicy they get.

Gotta have the crack

One of the best parts of “Love Island” is the sexy British banter. Before the party, provide Islanders with a list of British slang words to make sure they’re well equipped to get their grafting boots on. Here are a couple to get you started:

●      Lads (n.): players

●      Birds (n.): chicks

●      Fancy (v.): like, are attracted to

●      Fit (adj.): hot/attractive, not necessarily based on one’s physique

●      Pie off (v.): to reject

●      Muggy (adj.): disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate

For some more “Love Island” slang, check out this Love Island Dictionary here.

Guests will also have flexibility in choosing their type of accents. Whether it’s a variant of Irish, London, Yorkshire, Scottish or from Newcastle, it’ll be a bloody grand time. And if anyone’s having trouble embracing the British slang, at least it’ll be entertaining to watch and charming for partners. Crack on, mates!

Stock up on water bottles

The clear “Love Island” water bottles are iconic. Frankly, they’d be one of the things I’d be most excited about if I ever entered the villa. Oh, and the dudes, I guess. “Love Island” water bottles are available for purchase. They’re even customizable. Buy “Love Island” water bottles for your Islanders here.

Dressed for love

There are so many ways you can have fun with the dress code. Keep it in the show’s true fashion and have your guest Islander sport bikinis and heels and patterned swim trunks. Or amp up the party and have your guest Islanders sport their favorite nightlife outfits.

If you want to add in some razzle dazzle, make it glitter. Can’t deny that “Love Island” producers love hosting a glitter party every once in a while.

Collect phones at the door

Islanders are trapped in a bubble at the villa. No communication from the outside world turns up the focus on the love. One of the biggest fears of throwing any party is that people won’t click. It’s hard to get grafting when people are constantly on their phones. So take those babies away. People can exchange socials at the end of the night.

If you want to take pictures, which I know you will, go old fashioned and provide digital cameras. Did a Love Island party ever even happen if it’s not on Instagram?

Gather ‘round the firepit, it’s time for a coupling

Once all Islanders arrive, it’s time for a coupling. I wouldn’t go as far as to separate the birds and lads before the coupling. Besides, I think it’s fair to say that most of us cannot afford luxurious villas, with multiple entrances and pathways. Since you’re shrinking down eight weeks into one night, the more time for banter the better.

When it’s time for the coupling to begin, have girls stand on one side of the room with boys on the opposite side. As the Flack, it’s your choice whether girls or boys will choose.

If it’s boys’ choice, ask each boy to step forward one by one. As each boy steps forward, all of the girls can step forward if they fancy him. The boy can then choose whichever girl he fancies, regardless if she stepped forward for him or not.

Once all the couples are determined, it’s time to get grafting.

Mix things up, and hold a recoupling after an hour or two. If you want to make things really juicy, have an additional friend or two come to the party late, and be the resident bombshell.

Got a text!

You can’t have a “Love Island” party without texts. They keep Islanders in suspense. It’s the reality check that they’re on a reality show.

Project text messages at random on your television. Bonus: Play an audio recording of “TEXT!” in your bloody best British accent. (Irish would be acceptable as well.)

Added Bonus: Play an audio recording of “MESSAGE!” because Ovie Soko from “Love Island” 2019 should forever be remembered.


It wouldn’t be love island without the challenges. It might be a little too soon for couples to parent a fake, crying baby or undergo lie detector tests. Garner up all the juicy intel on your Islanders, and have a game of guessing who the phrase is about. If you’re ready to get messy, play a classic food challenge. For some extra laughs, do a dancing challenge where the girls collectively vote on which boy had the sexiest dance, and the boys collectively vote on which girl had the sexiest dance.

Whether or not Islanders are actually aroused or are heaving of laughter, heart rates are bound to start racing.

Tropical villa vibes

Bring out the Tiki torches and string lights. We’re getting tropical for this party. Set the party vibes with bright blue and pink lighting.

Throw around some bean bags. Hang up some palm tree leaves. Instead of a fire pit, try arranging some candles. Fire safety concerns? Display a video of an ominous fake fire pit on a screen. If you want to get really crafty, hang up signs with some of the iconic “Love Island” phrases like “get grafting” and “a bit of me.”

Whether or not Islanders find love or friendship, your Islanders’ “Love Island” experience will surely be unforgettable. And it makes for a great pastime while waiting for next season. Good luck Islanders!