Kayla Bacon-Love Your Melon Group

How to Reconnect With Your Family During Quarantine

College distances us from our families. We’re busy and we’re usually hundreds of miles away. If you used to talk to your siblings or your parents all the time and have not been able to because of all the time you have to put into your responsibilities, quarantine is the perfect time to reconnect with them. As a result of the coronavirus, we have plenty of free time now that we can use to work on our relationships, especially with our family. If you have always been close with your family or if you’ve always wanted to work on building a better relationship with them, there are great ways to ensure that you are spending more quality time with them during the quarantine. Here are some ways that you can use your time during quarantine to reconnect with your family:

Do puzzles or play games

This is a great time to bring out those old puzzles or board games that you have stored in your house. Puzzles used to be a huge trend before they started collecting dust in your garage. Doing a puzzle with your family can be a bonding experience, as well as playing a board games, such as the classic, Monopoly. Card games can also be super fun, especially if you have some of the newer card games, such as Cards Against Humanity or Most Likely To.

Play video games

Video games may seem like something you have to do individually, but there are some that you can play with multiple people. If you remember when the Wii was a really popular gaming system, you probably know about the games likes Mario Super Bros or Just Dance. These are great games that you can play with your family and have a lot of fun.

Cook together

If you love cooking or baking, you can also have fun doing this with your family. You could make a cake and decorate it together or use some new recipes that you have always wanted to try to make a fun meal for each other. This is also a great time to learn how to cook or bake if you have never done it before. If someone in your family is good at cooking, you can get them to help you learn how to do it.

Binge watch TV shows or movies together

During this quarantine, you can also catch up on all of the tv shows or movies that you want to watch but didn’t have time to during the school year. Instead of being stuck in your room on your laptop watching it by yourself, you can have some quality time with your family and watch them together. Netflix and Hulu are definitely great streaming programs that you should try out and that you can connect to your television to make it easier to watch together. Also, if you are into rewatching old movie series, this is also a perfect time to do it. Binge watching the whole Harry Potter series is a great option, and you can include your entire family for a movie night.

Make TikToks or Youtube videos

Everyone knows about Tik Tok and how you can make great videos of yourself. However, if you want to include your family in it, ask a sibling to join in on making your video. Another really fun thing you can do that has been becoming popular recently is making funny Tik Toks with your parents whether it be a dance routine or just including them in the video.

Take Instagram pictures

If you’ve been wanting to work on your Instagram profile and add some pictures to it, this is also a great time to do that. You can include your family in it by asking them to help you take pictures or if you have a sibling take some fun pictures with your sibling or of them to help each other build your profiles.

Go for a walk or swim

Even though most of us are in quarantine and everything is closed, including the gyms, around us, that does not mean that we have to sit inside all day. You and your family could go for a walk or run together to get some fresh air. If you have a swimming pool, you could also go outside for a swim or to hang out by the pool together. 

Work out together

You can also work on your health and fitness goals with your family. You may not have had time during the normal school year to work on your goals, but now you have plenty of time. Even though we are stuck in our homes, you and your family can still workout together inside if you need to. For example, there are plenty of great workout programs online that you could purchase with instructors that guide you on your fitness journey. Also, if you're looking for a workout plan that is free, there are several great workout videos on YouTube that you could try with your family.

This should help you to spend quality time with your family and reconnect with them while you have free time during this quarantine!