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How To Make a Profit Off of Your Class Notes


Guess what collegiettes? There is a new opportunity coming to the University of Florida campus for students to buy and sell their class notes and study guides. Flashnotes is a company that powers the student-to-student exchange of high quality academic materials to help supplement and complement the learning experience by harnessing commerce and the latest technologies. Flashnotes already has partnerships with many universities, but they are now looking to expand further with the Florida Gators.

If you are currently enrolled in a big lectures hall course at UF, then this is a great opportunity for you to make a profit off of the study materials that you are probably already making! And for all of you who may have missed more than a few classes this semester… you should definitely check out the website to see if any of the courses you’re currently in are already on the site. Who knows? Maybe now you can finally chat with that cute boy in your 10:40 Statistics class about how you have the hook-up for the exam next week.

Flashnotes is the only website that allows you sell notes, flashcards and video- at your own price! You are paid directly every Friday at 5pm est. Students make on average $80+ a week. They also continuously seek  awesome partnerships and get our users to the best concerts and the latest products. 

Flashnotes is currently looking for campus reps that could help get the word out about the opportunity and bring on note takers to their company. Check them out on Facebook for more information on how to get involved! 

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