How to Find the Little of Your Dreams

It’s that time of year again, collegiettes™! After a long and prosperous sorority recruitment process, the hunt for the perfect little sister is on. No longer are you the prized new possessions of your sorority. Thus, seducing your rush crush by showering her with gifts and love is necessary to maintain the best fam in the game. Here are a few tips to ensure you get your dream little:

It’s time to be facey With everyone trying to claim the newest addition to her family, competition is at an all-time high. You haven’t seen your sisters this assertive since there was only one serving of macaroni and cheese left at the last fraternity tailgate, which means it’s more important than ever to make your face known to all the babies. Going to just about every meal is a great way to scope out the potential littles. Sit down, introduce yourself and get to know as many girls as possible. The same logic follows for socials, intramurals and sisterhood events. Not only are all of these activities fun, but you also get to know the new pledge class.

Use social media With a sudden increase of 70+ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook friends, you have your work cut out for you. Social media is a great way to see what people like and dislike. You need a girl who is loads of fun, is just as obsessed with your sorority as you are and is classy, crafty, so your paddle will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Although it may be a little out of the ordinary, stalking the new PC’s social networks gives you a great glimpse into who they are, especially because meeting the entire PC in a matter of a couple weeks may be harder than you think.

Play Momma Bear Remember when you were a new member of your sorority? Being thrown into a house with a huge group of girls can be intimidating. The new PC needs guidance more than ever. Whether they need help with schedules, getting around campus or just a friend to watch Netflix with late at night, being a rock and a role model for these girls is a great way to gain their admiration. With so many girls looking up to you, it’ll be easy to choose the little you want! 

Once you find “the one,” it’s smooth sailing from there. The number of artsy crafts to be made and Big/Little pictures to be taken is endless. With these tips, you will adopt the perfect little sis for the rest of your life.