How the Coronavirus Affects the Entertainment Industry

For months now, COVID-19 has reshaped the world and everyone’s lives. Although essential businesses remain open, it is expected that people quarantine or social distance in their own homes. Some may have considered aspects of society such as entertainment and sports as necessary or a lifestyle, but COVID-19 has reshaped what people deem as essential. Those in the entertainment industry have been challenged with the task of continuing their work while staying responsible during the global pandemic. For example, public influencers have turned to online platforms to continue their jobs.

Talk shows take place on YouTube

Jimmy Fallon is one of the many late-night talk show hosts who has turned to online platforms to continue streaming their shows. Fallon films in his home and features his daughters to add a more personal feel to the show. Although some may say they miss the traditional atmosphere on television and music from The Roots, Fallon’s make-shift show continues to feature celebrity interviews and his comedic honor shines through. Also, Saturday Night Live is still airing on NBC, but the interviews take place at home and the cast chats through video-calling. The actors’ homes act as the backgrounds which makes for an interesting spin on the usual set. Ellen DeGeneres also decided to halt production of her talk-show as the coronavirus turned from a contagious virus to a real threat. After taking time off the air, DeGeneres rebooted her show at home. Although, according to CNN, she received backlash after she compared quarantining due to the coronavirus to being in jail. Even while staying inside, it’s ironic that people still criticize those in the public eye. Even though it can be hard to adjust to watching media in an out-of-context setting, it’s important to recognize the efforts talk show hosts are making to produce videos while staying socially distanced.

Sporting events are no more

One of the most trademark parts of American culture is our dedication and enthusiasm for sporting events. One by one, major league sports terminated or postponed their seasons to prevent the spread of coronavirus among athletes and fans. This has resulted in sports channels relying on rerun games or interviewing athletes on past achievements in their sporting careers. In the same light, the anticipated Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been moved to next summer in 2021. According to ESPN, this is the first time in history the Olympics has been postponed for a phenomenon other than war. Sports have also had to create new ways for live events to take place. For example, NASCAR has put on iRacing tournaments where the drivers compete virtually at home, but the announcers act like it’s in-person and viewers see a digital speedway from home. The New York Times explained the technology used in the simulations to make the racers rely on the same skill sets and feel as if they’re competing in a normal setting.

Important announcements occur over social media

Social media announcements were common prior to the coronavirus, but they matter more now that celebrities can’t share their plans on a televised interview. One of the biggest online announcements was made by Katy Perry on Instagram who shared her pregnancy as well as the sex of her baby. When reflecting on my quarantine activities the past month, this is one of the only exciting pop culture events I can recall. In addition, Demi Lovato and Sam Smith recently revealed a collaboration on a song titled “I’m Ready” which is set to release on April 17. Fans are ready for new music from a powerful duo known for their live performances and vocal ranges. Followers of their Instagram accounts comment their thrilled emotions as it gives people something to look forward to. Lady Gaga has been using her online presence via Twitter to share her opinions and raise awareness for victims of the coronavirus. The singer has paired up with Global Citizen to raise over $35 million for the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Gaga has been taking to twitter to life others up and share ways to get involved in aiding those affected by the pandemic.

The coronavirus has revolutionized the way people are receiving their entertainment events and news. Many celebrities and athletes have leaned on social media and digital platforms to share their work while staying healthy and conscious of others. While COVID-19 has in fact brought panic to many, it has prompted some to get creative and think outside of the box.