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How to Beat the Heat of Gainesville Nightlife

What’s not to love about the beginning of Fall? More importantly, what’s not to love about Fall semester at UF? Football games, new faces, people watching at Library West and your long-awaited reunion with Pizza By the Slice all add up to make this semester one every student dreams of. However, one thing you learn quickly is that even though Summer Break is over, Gainesville temperatures still feel like they’re at an all time high. Nonetheless, you’ve waited far too long to let Gainesville humidity come between your reunion with Midtown. I’m here to assist you with a few guidelines to surviving the blazing heat of Gainesville nightlife so you have at least one acceptable Instagram photo survive.

1. When you’re living in a swamp, there is no such thing as a subtle dewy glow — just sweat, buckets and buckets of sweat. Spoiler alert: Your favorite frat house isn’t air-conditioned. There is no way of avoiding your natural bodily functions, but there are methods for managing them. If you can, avoid using powder makeup, because it can cake when you sweat. Instead, opt for cream-based blushes and foundations that resist sweat longer.

2. If you have naturally straight, silky hair that remains in place no matter the temperature, count your blessings right now. However, if you’re like me and have frizz that, as Miley Cyrus would say, “can’t be tamed,” I have some tricks of the trade to share with you. The No. 1 rule in the game is to go with your hair’s natural texture. The hour you spend straightening your natural curls isn’t worth the five seconds of straight hair you’ll have before stepping outside. Instead, embrace your natural hair type with smoothing hair creams or serums to fight frizz, and then use a lot of hairspray.

3. The last, most crucial tip is how to pack your bag. Though trendy and cute, clutches and satchels don’t leave a lot of room, so I suggest sticking to the basics: bobby pins (you can never have too many), blotting paper or tissues for any type of sweaty mishap and lip balm. Nothing ruins a picture like chapped lips.

Fall semester is an experience no frizzy hair or sweat stains could possibly ruin. However, these tips can hopefully assist you in keeping your appearance together long enough to persuade a handsome stranger to buy you Pita Pit at the end of the night.


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