How to be a YouTube Sensation

YouTube has become the hub for all things interesting, funny and entertaining, but did you know that you could achieve fame and get rich from making your own videos? YouTube sensations like Zoella, Tanya Burr, PointlessBlog and Bethany Mota have become millionaires by creating successful YouTube channels that entertain millions of viewers. You read that right… millions. You might ask yourself this: What made them so successful? Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. One idea can change your lifeWhen I was younger, my mother told me that ideas have power. She wasn’t kidding. Zoe Sugg, the ultra-famous UK vlogger known on YouTube as Zoella, started out making videos in her bedroom with a simple, everyday camera propped up on a pile of books. She also had the idea to vlog about makeup and reviewed products. Today, she’s a YouTube ambassador and has two book deals.

2. Personality shines throughBethany Mota made her debut on YouTube when she was just 14 years old. She’s said that she created her channel to escape the stress of bullying and gained followers through her haul videos. She has her own fashion line at Aeropostale, is a guest judge on Project Runway and earns $40,000 a month, according to Business Insider. She calls her fans “motavators” and with good reason: Her videos are also famous for giving advice on how to deal with bullying, stress and anxiety, topics that are quickly making news.

3. Every good idea needs a sparkYour spark should be your passion, and Alfie Deyes, a.k.a. PointlessBlog, knows that better than anyone else. He came on the scene in 2009 making funny skits and videos about different topics. Alfie became even more popular by making video collaborations with fellow vloggers like Tanya Burr, Tyler Oakley and Miranda Sings. His passion for his work, which has become a full-time job, shines through in every video he makes. To date, he has accumulated over 3 million subscribers.

4. Invite your friendsThe most popular vloggers are from England and with good reason. Zoella and Pointlessblog (who are dating, by the way) are part of a close-knit community of YouTube personalities who frequently collaborate on each other’s videos. This community also includes Marcus Butler, Tanya Burr, Thatcher Joe and Casper Lee. If you want to create your own channel, invite your friends to appear in your videos! Make skits together, play games or just discuss a topic or theme that will earn more viewer interest in your channel.

5. Consistency is the only wayThere is a common theme among every successful vlogger on YouTube, and that’s consistency. Each one started the same way by making one video and following it up with another, then another and another. Whether they kept a schedule or couldn’t help but make multiple videos, people like Tyler Oakley gained subscribers by consistently uploading videos and earning viewers’ trust. He, along with others, made it a habit to have specific days to upload new content onto their channels. They also used Twitter to update fans on when they were filming or editing and if their videos were going to be delayed.

While it may seem overwhelming to think about how you’re going to set up a channel that’ll make you famous, don’t let that stop you from taking the first step. Set up a corner in your bedroom where the background isn’t distracting and where you’ll feel comfortable talking to a camera or video recorder because that’s what it’s really like. You also shouldn’t be in it for the fame or the money that comes with having a successful YouTube channel. Having your own channel and maintaining it are two completely different things, but with passion, hard work and dedication, success will come!