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How Are These Stars Younger Than Me and More Stylish?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

It’s award show season, which means it’s red carpet season, and everyone is dressing their best. But, it seems like everyone under the age of 18 is stealing the show. The real stars of the red carpet and award shows this year were the younger stars or the children of stars. It looks like their stylists are dressing them way better than our moms ever dressed us. But just because we’re in college and they look like babies to us (Ugh, we’re so old!) doesn’t mean we can’t still learn some fashion tips and tricks from their looks.

1. Millie Bobby Brown

Not only has Millie Bobby Brown captured our hearts as Eleven, but she also captured our eyes when she walked the red carpet. Earlier in January, while attending the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, she showed everyone how to combine classic elements with space age fun by pairing together space buns, black ribbons, a holographic pink sequin dress and crisp white converse. The next time you notice your outfit taking on a classic look with converse, ribbons, a button down, hounds tooth or tartan, just add a bit of holographic or sequin accessories for a futuristic twist.  

2. Lonnie Chavis

With this being our first young male fashion icon, I want to take a quick moment and give a shout out to all the boys on the red carpet who took it up a notch this year, rather than settling with the same old suits. Lonnie Chavis wore a beautiful gold, burgundy and black metallic suit jacket with a matching gold flower lapel pin, black tuxedo pants, a black bow tie and buckle-adorned loafers to the SAG Awards. Fellas, when the guys who are half your age and half your height could steal your girl with their outfits, it’s time to reevaluate your style choices. Chavis showed us what it means to shine like a star on the red carpet by using metallic colors to brighten up the classic tuxedo.

3. Sadie Sink

Our second Stranger Things star, Sadie Sink, is only 15 years old and rocking Chanel on the red carpet. Embodying the essence of femininity, she wore a short-sleeved tea-length dress adorned in sparkles and diaphanous material layered around her midriff for an ethereal look at the SAG Awards. Take note ladies: It’s not matronly to wear dresses that don’t show your legs. Sink shows us that whether we’re in high school, college or in the workplace, you can look magical regardless of how much material we’re wearing.

4. Blue Ivy

This young lady shows us that the perfect outfit isn’t even about the clothes. It’s really the person wearing them that pulls everything together. An elegant white pant suit with a train of extra material on one side, giving the effect of ruffles, may seem odd for a six year old to wear, but Blue pulled it off with her poise and boss attitude. We later saw that attitude when she shushed her parents for clapping, so it makes sense for such a composed young lady to want to wear such a mature ensemble. We can learn from Blue that it’s not about the outfit you’re wearing but how you’re wearing an outfit that really counts.

5. The boys of Stranger Things

Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp all served looks that went above and beyond the classic black-tie attire. They showed us all how to take the tired tuxedo, and play with it by using different patterns, textures and colors to elevate a suit to swag. Black and white was a reoccurring theme in all their ensembles, but they each put their own spin on it that really allowed their personality to shine through. So, don’t be afraid to deviate from tradition! A splash of color or a sash of velvet can take you from standard to stunning.  

6. Marsai Martin

A look fit for a queen worn by a princess, Marsai Martin makes the timeless A-line dress look chic. Something that we would normally see an older woman or a very young child wearing, A-line is a timeless look that Martin reminded us of when she brought it back to the red carpet. White fabric with an overlay of silver floral patterns with matching silver shoes brings a frosty, feminine feeling to this classic silhouette. So, for all my ladies out there worried that their outfit isn’t right because it doesn’t hug your curves hear this: it doesn’t have to be form fitting for you to still look feminine and gorgeous.

7. Asahd Khaled

The last on our list because he was truly a show-stopper, one-year-old Asahd Khaled showed up to the Grammys toddling around the red carpet in a red velvet tuxedo that matched his father’s, the one and only DJ Khaled. He looked as cute as can be and stole everyone’s heart, and chance at winning best dressed (other than his dad). Asahd really shows us that no matter how old you are it’s never to early to stunt.

Despite not even finishing high school and already being cooler and better dressed than us, we can learn a lot from these young stars’ styles. These kiddos have taught us that by breaking fashion rules, embracing different styles and allowing your personality to speak through your clothes anyone can rock the red carpets of his/her daily lives.

What was your favorite look from the red carpet? Did these young stars inspire your wardrobe? Let us know on social media!

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