Housing Visitors in College: 6 Things To Remember When Being a Hostess


At some point, people are going to want to visit you in college; it's inevitable. Whether it is a hopeful acquaintance trying to get a feel for the university or just a friend looking for a night out, here are the six most important things to remember when being a collegiette host:

1. They have to sleep somewhere 
The most common problem when planning trips seems to be clarity. If someone mentions they’re coming up to Gainesville and absolutely need to see you, for both of your sakes please sort out if they mean “meet up for dinner and coordinating parties” or “I’ll call you when I need you to come let me and my bags in.” If someone plans to stay in your most-likely undersized living quarters, plan out all of the bedding and necessities before they arrive! Don’t forget to tell your roommates, too.

2. Feed them 
This is obvious, but it's still important. Buy some real food; guests can’t eat off your meal plan. Better yet, introduce guests to your friends over dinner before you go out on the town.

3. They have to park somewhere, too
If you are the one taking on the responsibility of this little explorer, make sure you tell them where they can park their car and how to get in. Plan to pick them up if they have to stash the vehicle far off or on campus. Don’t let friends get parking tickets during a visit... it’s awkward.

4. What do normal people do during the day?
Make sure to get your homework and classes out of the way so you can spend time with a guest. You don’t want to have them sit around while you cram for a quiz. If they’re interested in seeing campus, show them around or take them to sign up for a tour.

5. Nightlife Struggles
Most of the time your friend isn’t looking for a fun girl’s night in, so be prepared. Tell them the style or at least offer up some clothes to borrow for the night based on plans, there’s nothing worse than not knowing anybody and looking out-of-place. Most importantly, reconsider where you're headed if your visitor is under 21! You don’t want to make them feel guilty if they can’t get into the bar or club you wanted to visit, so plan accordingly.

6. Don’t babysit, but kind of babysit 
The key to being a successful host in college is to remember that your visitor is in all likelihood completely clueless about the area. They may not have too many people to call if you get separated. Give clear directions on how to get in and out of dorms and apartment complexes. Don’t let them wonder around looking for you.

Blow up the air mattress, and stock up the fridge. Happy hosting!