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A Guide to Finals: Places to Study on Campus Besides Library West

Finals week is here, and that means one thing: It’s more difficult to find a spot at Library West than it is to win the Hunger Games, so it’s time to find alternate studying locations. With a plethora of other places on campus, Gators should have no trouble trying to find a new location to hit the books. Whether you’re interested in venturing downtown to study with the locals or staying close to campus with your fellow undergrads, there’s a spot for you just waiting to be discovered! Here are a few of the best places on campus to escape the finals week induced library madness:

1. Levin College of Law Library The law library is one of UF’s greatest hidden treasures. Located directly across from Fraternity Row, it is home to not only lots of empty study desks but also lots of cute, studious fraternity gentleman. The “lawbrary” is open to all UF students, not just graduates. But be prepared for some glares if you make too much noise! Those law students take their silence very seriously.

2. Marston Science Library Marston Science Library is another great Library West alternative. Although Marston is a little more mainstream — and therefore a little more crowded than the law library — it still offers almost twice as much study space as Library West and mostly individual desks. Just make sure your laptop is fully charged because Marston is notorious for its lack of outlets.

3. Carleton Auditorium Carleton Auditorium might be better known for its 700+ person lectures, but during finals week, it’s open 24/7 for studying opportunities. The auditorium is massive and is always a little chilly, which is perfect to help keep you awake during those long Tutoring Zone review sessions. The only downside of Carleton: It’s BYOC (bring your own coffee). There’s no Starbucks in sight!

4. Pugh Hall Pugh Hall is a suitable alternative for people who want to study with a group of friends. Pugh is home to lots of empty tables and a large lecture hall similar to Carleton. There are also lofted couch areas that you can proudly claim as your own while you run through your physics formula sheets. Pugh is a classroom building, so it doesn’t have the typical library amenities. And don’t forget there may be students taking an exam in the building, so keep the gossiping at a whisper.

Next time you’re ready to hit the books but don’t want to unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen, try branching out to find new places to study. You might be surprised how easy it is to hit the books in a different study spot! Happy studying, collegiettes™! And good luck on finals!


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