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‘Gossip Girl’ is 10 Years Old Today, & We Feel So Old

Feel old yet? Ten years ago, Serena and Blair were the queens of Manhattan (and they still are, TBH). Gossip Girl’s first episode premiered on Sept. 19, 2007. Don’t believe me? Here are ten things that prove otherwise.

1. Headbands

These hair accessories were a must have in the 2000s. You had to have one after seeing Blair Waldorf’s bold headband styles.

2. Layers

A hair trend that went along with your bright, shiny headband. Serena van der Woodsen inspired many girls to frame their face with this haircut.

3. Scarves

This neck accessory proved you didn’t need to be cold to make a fashion statement.

4. Two Collars

The ultimate look for any guy trying to prove he’s wealthy.

5. “What Goes Around”

A Justin Timberlake musical masterpiece—and the best part of Gossip Girl’s iconic soundtrack.

6. Only Taxi Cabs

Back in “the olden days,” the only cab service in New York was taxis. Now we have Uber and Lyft. Could you see Blair Waldorf hailing a taxi when she could easily just get an Uber?

7. Diverse Cell Phones

Surprisingly, not everyone had the first iPhone 10 years ago. There were actually different styles of cell phones like Sidekicks, Razors and flip phones.

8. Texting Lingo

Pre-smartphone era, it was hard for people to spell out full words. That’s what gave us these kinds of texts from the show: “911. 4 REAL PLEASE.”

9. Handwritten Party Invitations

An invitation to the Kiss on the Lips party today would be a Facebook invite. Simple. Not formal. No grand gestures.

10. Myspace

Remember this O.G. form of social media? This was an actual quote Dan Humphrey said to his father in the first episode, “You know dad, there’s this thing called Myspace, where you can post all this information online. Save some trees. Have a blog.”

Even though Gossip Girl premiered 10 years ago, Blair and Serena’s legacy will always reign over the Upper East Side. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Kelvy is a third year at the University of Florida double majoring in Theatre and Telecommunication Production. After graduation, she hopes to work in the entertainment industry. She loves movies and TV shows, but most importantly I love all things Disney!
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