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Gina Linetti is Leaving ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ — Here Are My Thoughts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

The spookiest news came for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans this October: Chelsea Peretti, also known as the actress that plays Gina Linetti, is leaving in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s sixth and final season. Don’t worry, though! She won’t be *completely* gone from season 6. She’ll still be in some episodes. Our beloved Gina just won’t be a full-time character. Still, her presence will be severely missed. I know that we were all hoping we could have Gina Linetti in all of her glory in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s final season.

In season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, actress Chelsea Peretti took a slight hiatus when she was on maternity leave and welcomed her son Beaumont into the world. Her absence from the 99th precinct was noticeable, and it will especially be felt when we’re saying goodbye to all of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s characters.

In case you don’t know, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show following Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, and it is the common workplace drama that ensues when you put a family man, a carefree Die Hard fan, and a Type A personality (just to name a few) all in one place. It follows the trials and tribulations of a workplace family. From Halloween heists to love-life fiascos, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom, but it has the heart of a soap opera.

Earlier in 2018, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was scheduled to not be renewed for a sixth season, but the power of social media took hold: After fans (including Lin-Manuel Miranda and Seth Meyers) desperately rallied for the show to continue, producers were given the okay to move the show forward into its sixth season. Originally on the TV network FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC after the outrage of fans.

Gina Linetti is the spirit animal we never knew we needed. Her no-BS attitude and confidence illuminates in the show. She unapologetically loves herself, and her self-love serves a lesson we could all use. From her dance routines to her problem-solving, Gina has kept Brooklyn’s 99th precinct alive.

She’s made us laugh out loud, she’s represented our inner sassy attitudes and of course, has embodied our love for Beyonce.

Behind her seemingly tough wall of self-absorption, she’s been a character who has truly loved her friends and would do anything for them.

In a world full of angst, frustration and chaos, I’m glad that we have shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and characters like Gina to keep us laughing even on the darkest of days.

As Gina would say: Linetti, Lin-out-ti.