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Gelato & Avventura: Barcelona Edition

For this post, I am trading the gelato for churros and the pizza for tapas; I’m about to tell you all about my adventures in Barcelona, Spain! My friends and I spontaneously found cheap tickets to Barcelona and decided to book a trip over the weekend!

We didn’t know what to expect — my knowledge of Barcelona extended to The Cheetah Girls 2 (strutting the Barcelona streets). Not knowing anything made our arrival to the colorful city that much better; it was beautifully sunny and warm — something that, as a Florida girl, I was starting to miss. Running on no sleep, we explored the gorgeous city’s alleyways, sat at the harbor, and even tried some delicious churros with hot chocolate.

After a much-needed three-hour nap, we were ready to experience the Barcelona nightlife, reputably one of the best in Europe, and we were not disappointed. The nightclubs were right in front of the sandy beach, and the Mediterranean looked incredible with the lights reflecting off the dark water. After dancing the night away, we stepped onto the sand and walked by the water — it all seemed like a dream.

The next day, we explored more of the city and made another spontaneous — and by far the best — decision: We bought tickets to go to a Barcelona futbol (soccer) game! I’ve always been a soccer fan, and Barca also happens to have my favorite soccer player, Lionel Messi! We all bought Barcelona scarves, headed to the stadium, and became part of the passion and energy that only a worldwide sport can ignite.

At the end of the weekend, we dragged ourselves to the airport with only nine hours of sleep since the previous Thursday. It was definitely the longest weekend of my life, but I can say without a doubt that we took Barcelona by storm — or vice-versa. 

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