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GatorGlam: What Guys Really Think about Girls, Beauty, and Makeup


So I’m going to be the first one to admit it: I’ve always wondered what guys really think about girls wearing makeup.

As girls, we compliment looks and chat about our favorite and holy-grail makeup products, but there’s another side of cluelessness coming from the guys we hang out with. Except for skilled make-up artists, most guys have no clue as to what concealer is used for and think that an eyelash curler is used as a weapon.

So, what are their thoughts on makeup? I decided to do a little investigating and ask some of my guy friends this burning question. I’ll let them do the talking:

“If it’s too much and their skin looks like wax, it’s weird and gross, but a little makeup to emphasize her facial features and make her look nice is perfect.” – RMH

“Depends… Some girls do it right and just use makeup to accentuate their own features. Others make it their feature, which isn’t cute.” – LF

“Hmm, it varies. If it’s subtle and compliments her, I think it looks nice, and she’s doing what makes her comfortable, which is cool. If it’s too much, and that’s all I notice it’s unattractive. There’s a question of what she looks like without it that pops up, too.” – BB

“Too much subconsciously makes women disingenuous” – ZG

“I think girls [who] don’t wear makeup, now that’s true beauty. I honestly love it when girls do that.” – JA

“Well first of all there’s nothing more attractive than a girl with natural beauty [who] doesn’t need makeup at all. There’s obviously a limit to how much makeup a girl should wear because some girls just go way too overboard, and it looks hideous -- it's counterproductive. When a girl can get ready to go out in 10 minutes or less that’s a huge turn-on because it shows that they don’t really need to put in too much effort to look good.” – BB

“I prefer when a girl doesn’t wear makeup because then it’s like natural beauty, but on the other hand, makeup looks good when people dress up because it adds a little something to a girl.” – AB

“Girl makeup is so deeply engraved in our culture that it’s very difficult for me to be against it. Some people call it a form of deception -- I just see it as girls being girls and really putting forth an effort to make sure they look as nice as they can.” – PC

“It enhances their pretty-ness. I think it’s alright as long as they’re not like 12 and don’t over-do it.” – MA

I’ll let you girls come up with your own conclusions! 

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