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Gator Glam: The Post-Grad Closet Cleanup: What to Keep and What to Give Away

It’s hard to believe it’s already April, collegiettes! I feel like it was just yesterday I was attending Preview and moving into the dorms, and now my undergraduate time is coming to a close. With all the frenzy around graduation, finding jobs and preparing to go into the workforce, our wardrobe tends to take a backseat. But it’s important to be well dressed and ready to play the part of an adult! Here are some tips for cleaning out your collegiate closet.

Don’t feel bad tossing:1. Last season’s tiny crop tops. Your work friends won’t find it as flattering as you do.2. Your worn out high-waisted cut-off shorts. These are also not as classy as you are now, you adult!3. At least some of your 30 fraternity or sorority T-Shirts and tanks. Just keep the few favorites.4. Any old underwear, socks and bras. It’s always good to have quality undergarments.5. Those heels that are on the brink of breaking. Imagine the horror of breaking your shoe on the first day of work, the first Happy Hour or a first date.6. At least some of your Norts/spandex collection. You won’t need all 10 different pairs for work, unfortunately.7. Cheaply made flip flops. Unless you’re staying in Florida, you won’t be needing them.

Be sure to invest in:1. Work clothes, duh! This includes, but is not limited to, blazers, cardigans or other jackets, nice blouses and button-downs, appropriate dresses, versatile slacks and dress skirts, and comfortable heels or fun flats.2. Nicer casual clothing, such as fun tops from H&M or rompers and dresses for the summertime. The classic frat tank and Nike shorts won’t look as spiffy in a big city. Cute sweaters and long-sleeved shirts are perfect for wintertime.3. Quality coats, hats, gloves and boots if you’re moving out of Florida. It’s a cold world out there because winter is actually a season outside of the Sunshine State.

Keep the essentials:1. Your favorite pair of jeans that magically fit you to perfection.2. Any shorts, casual bottoms or tops that are in good condition and can be worn for multiple different occasions.3. Any awesome heels, pumps or wedges that have somehow outlasted Midtown.4. Your favorite dresses, maxis, rompers and jumpsuits.5. Don’t forget tennis shoes!

For those of you planning on working full-time after college, don’t forget that a lifestyle change means a wardrobe change comes along, too! Plus, there are few things better than creating your new and improved closet… even if the size of said closet is as big as your pinky.


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