Gator Glam: 2016’s Colors of the Year and How to Wear Them

Now that 2016 has officially begun, let us ring in the New Year with some new “official” colors! Pantone has recently announced that the 2016 colors of the year are (*drumroll please*)… rose quartz and serenity! Rose quartz is an elegant, soft and peachy-pink shade while serenity is a cool, relaxing and calming variation of blue, similar to periwinkle.

Even if you are not familiar with these colors, they are making their way through the racks and you will be sure to see them soon in your local fashion headquarters. Here are a couple tips, tricks and items that will help you find out how to wear these pretty colors and where to buy them.

Rose Quartz
If you weren’t sure how to incorporate pink into your wardrobe, then adding rose quartz into your closet will prove an easy first step. Rose quartz is great as a neutral color to pair with almost anything, as it adds more warmth than if you paired an article of clothing with white. Since spring is right around the corner, it also works great as a pastel accent.

Dresses: Rose Quartz works amazingly as a color choice for dresses. It provides an elegant, sophisticated touch to any dress shape and works for nearly all shapes and sizes. If you fancy a dress that is every bit as chic as the color itself, then this lace and chiffon dress is the perfect choice. Prefer something more simple and versatile to wear to any occasion? Then this rose quartz skater dress from Maykool is for you.

Accessories: Adding a rose quartz-hued accessory is sure to add a little bit of polish into every outfit you choose. Even though it may seem expensive, this rose quartz Kate Spade purse from Lord & Taylor is a great investment, because it will last a long time, and, as mentioned before, the neutral color of the rose quartz will pair with almost anything. If you want to start out small with incorporating rose quartz into your outfit, then these delicate, feminine earrings from Charming Charlie are your best bet.

Shoes: Perhaps you want to “step out” into the New Year as a different person. For that, why not step out with some rose quartz shoes? These lightly colored rose quartz shoes from ASOS allow you to do just that with style and flair!

The color serenity is exactly how you would picture it to be: a serene light blue that calms you down and is similar to looking up into the sky on a clear, sunny day. While it's a bit bolder than rose quartz, you can use it as a base or neutral color if you are feeling daring. It also fits perfectly as a statement color if you’re into using pastels and softer colors like cream and eggshell.

Dresses: Serenity is going to be a huge color when spring finally rolls around, so get a head start in thinking about which shapes and cuts will work best for you. For a fun and flirty option, this flowy dress from online seller Lulu’s is simple enough to pair with any type of necklace or earring. If you are in need of a dress for a spring tea party or really any formal occasion, this fit and flare dress will suit your desires.

Accessories: Serenity is great for accessories as well, giving an outfit a dreamy, ethereal look (especially paired as an accent to an all-white ensemble). To achieve this dreamy look for yourself, wear a teardrop-shaped necklace backed with gold plating to look like an angel sent from above.

Shoes: By using serenity as a hue for your shoes, you will look like you’re walking in the sky (or just feel like it). These cute ruched ballet flats are super comfy and stylish, and will make your outfit look heavenly.

Even if you don’t own any clothing items or accessories in rose quartz or serenity, that doesn’t mean you should avoid incorporating them into your wardrobe! Both “official” colors for 2016 are extremely versatile and add a touch of elegance to any closet. If you don’t see anything on the rack in those colors right now, don’t worry. Like 2016, their reign has just begun.

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