Gator Glam: 10 Last-Minute Outfit Combinations

Getting up in the morning can be tricky, but coordinating an outfit that doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed can be trickier. To be honest, who even has time nowadays to look presentable before class when you’re up pulling an all-nighter? Well, if you’re like me, chances are you’ll want to look well dressed after one too many times showing up to class in pajamas. Here’s a nifty list I compiled of different outfit combinations for those lazy days when you just want to throw something on and go:

1. Oversized Sweater + Skirt

Since cooler weather is (hopefully) coming soon, a comfy oversized sweater paired with a pretty skirt underneath creates the ideal cute and cozy outfit. You can either leave this outfit plain or put on a pair of matching thigh high socks to really amp up the cute factor!

2. T-shirt + Jeans

This combination is probably the one we are most familiar with and use most often. A simple t-shirt and jeans is the way to go for when you want to feel comfortable and put together on the go.

3. Crop Top + High Waisted Shorts

Whether you’re going to a party or getting some lunch with friends, this is great combo to put on while you’re enjoying the last days of summer. It shows just enough skin and allows your body to breathe, especially in the humid Florida weather.

4. Tank Top + Lounge Pants

I personally use this combination whenever I want to achieve a laid-back look (or, to be honest, when I haven’t shaved). Put on some chic sunglasses and wrap your hair in a bun to make this combination truly fabulous.

5. Flowy Cardigan + Casual Dress

On a sweeter note, the dress and cardigan pairing are a go-to choice whenever you’re feeling girly and adorable. It creates a simple yet sophisticated outfit that is versatile for any occasion.

6. T-shirt + Lounge Pants

This combination is truly the “lazy day aesthetic” if you’re on the go. Just make sure your shirt and pants aren’t too wrinkled when you head out, or else you really will look like you rolled out of bed.

7. Tank top + Shorts

Just like the t-shirt and jeans combo, a tank top and shorts is an iconic duo that is definitely a must-have for Florida weather. You can transition this typical summer outfit for fall by throwing on a knit jacket or a flannel shirt.

8. T-shirt Dress

The t-shirt dress is a great piece to have when you’re on the run and want to feel comfortable but still look polished. If you have time, a basic t-shirt dress provides the base for creating a variety of beautiful outfit combinations. Add a statement necklace and some cognac boots for a stylish fall look.

9. Flowy Cardigan + Crop Top + Skirt

This combination may need a little more preparation beforehand, but if you have a go-to cardigan, crop top and skirt in your closet, it provides a pretty and easy outfit on the run. It’s the ideal outfit to wear for a nice Sunday brunch with friends and family.

10. Pajama Shirt + Jeans

Wait, what? Yes—you read it right. You can actually pair a (nice) pajama shirt with jeans and still look presentable for something like class! I technically use some of my old t-shirts as pajamas, so this may seem like a t-shirt and jeans combo. If you have a traditional pajama shirt (like the one pictured), then it is totally possible to just roll out of bed, throw some jeans on and be set for the day.

Hopefully after reviewing this list, you’ll be a pro at putting together outfits on the go (or at least have a good enough grasp to look presentable). Remember that this list totally serves as inspiration if you’re ever stuck on what to wear. The beauty of fashion is that you can dress up or down as you please!


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