Gabriella Larios: Full of Pride

Gabriella Larios believes in fighting for equality. 

That was the basis for the 18-year-old freshman’s involvement on campus.

Larios, a women’s studies and sociology double major, is in her second semester at UF and is already a programming director for Pride Student Union, an event director for Pride Awareness Month, a member of the civic engagement committee for the Freshman Leadership Council, a member of the special events committee for the Hispanic Student Association, and a part of Gators for Tuition Equity.

“I’m the kind of person who just goes for something without thinking about how much of a time commitment it would be,” Larios said.

Larios is most involved with Pride Student Union. 

“It was the first organization that made me feel like I was at home,” she said. “Most of my friends are from Pride. Going to meetings is something I always look forward to.”

Larios’s passion for LGBT issues comes from the fact that those are issues that affect her and her friends the most.

“They’re not just abstract issues you see on the news,” Larios said. “They’re things you see every day affecting the people you care about.”

Currently, Pride Student Union is working on Sex Week, which will take place the week of Feb. 17. It will be about promoting safe, fun, positive sex.

One of Larios’s favorite accomplishments was when Pride Student Union brought Isis King, the first transgender model to appear on “America’s Next Top Model,” to speak during Trans* Days in November. Trans* Days focused on issues that affect transgender people, such as what it’s like to be transgender in the workplace and what it’s like being a transgender person of color.

In the future, Larios wants to go to law school, work for the government, and possibly run for office.  Her goal is to fight for LGBT, minority, and women’s rights by being involved in politics.

“That’s the only way you get real change done,” Larios said. “There are lots of things that are messed up currently.”

Larios also took part in Gatorship, a leadership retreat focused on diversity and learning about other people and their experiences.

“It reminded me how important bonds are with other people,” she said. “It awakened the fire in me for social justice and activist work again.”