Futuristic Fashion for Fall and Winter

One of the most exciting parts of a new season are the style lookbooks both designers and boutiques post on their websites for girls to go crazy over and pull out their credit cards. I’m not sure what I did expect for the fall and winter season in terms of styles and fabrics. Maybe lots of greens and lacy dresses,but that’s not what I found. The styles I found in next season’s lookbooks were completely different from what I expected. It turns out that futuristic fashion is all the rage for this fall and winter. I’m talking metallics, neon colors and embroidery on tattered denim. It’s a mix of grunge-looking clothing and bright colors that will get any passer-by’s attention. I did notice a feminine twist in these looks as velvet is making a mainstream comeback this year, and for that, I am pleased. Overall, these lookbooks sharply contrast with the floral rompers that were in style all spring and summer long. And yet, I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued to go outside my comfort zone and mix these new styles with my own personal style to make something that’s very much me but still different. Here are some of the trends and styles you will be finding in boutiques and stores all season long.


Shine and neon is all the rage this season. Layer bright colors over shiny and sleek leggings or mini skirts for an out-of-this-world style. Mismatched clothing is also very in. This season, you can get away with layering almost any style. Add a sequin tunic over a shiny leather skirt for a trendy modern style. Boutiques like LF, which is located in cities including NYC and Miami, and online retailers such as Nasty Gal have tons of shine and neon that you can incorporate into your own wardrobe.


Embroidered jackets, embroidered plaid tops, embroidered everything. You can find embroidery on almost any article of clothing this season. Embroidery isn’t just floral detailing anymore. Now, you can find embroidered styles from silver skulls to embellished colorful peacocks on all sorts of jackets and long sleeve tops. Embroidery adds that extra element of glam to an otherwise simple outfit.

Silky Tops

This is a trend from the 90s that is back in style. Silky tank tops with lacy edging is back in. Look for a color that you love such as a soft pink, light blue or hunter green, and add a bomber jacket for an edgy twist. A silky top can give that element of femininity to an outfit that is lacking that extra bit of glamour. Silky tops not only work with denim but also with leather pants or even skater skirts.

Rips and Tears

Looking for some new trendy denim? Look no further. LA label CARMAR jeans has the trendiest jeans this season. 90s style denim on denim is also in. Think about that iconic Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears style. You can get away with this look and still look fabulous. Add an oversized off-the-shoulder sweater for a softer look.


Camo isn’t just in the woods this season. Layer camo t-shirts over long sleeve lace tops for a trendy and edgy look. Camo jackets also look amazing layered over mini black dresses.


If you are looking for a more feminine style this fall and winter, velvet is back in style. Whether you are interested in a velvet shift dress or a crop top, you’ll find a look that satisfies your own personal style. Velvet can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the look you are searching for. Urban Outfitters has some gorgeous velvet rompers out for the fall/winter season. Velvet chokers are also a great option for a little bit of glamour.

So, get out there collegiettes, and buy something a little bit outside your comfort zone. Add some pieces of your own style to create your own unique look.


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