Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume, as Told by Despicable Me

With Halloween just around the corner, the creepy, the crawly and the costumes are on everyone’s mind. The process of figuring out a Halloween costume for the year’s festivities can be downright frightening. Whether you plan to go to the bars for the boos or throw your own costume party with your friends (witch is always fun — pun intended), you still have to plan a killer costume. The frantic bustle to brainstorm the most original and creative costume can be perfectly portrayed by the dashing characters of Despicable Me.

1. You realize that Halloween is quickly approaching and the excitement is unreal.

2. You’re ready for all the candy to flood the store shelves, but you know you have to start planning your killer costume.

3. The costume can’t be too flashy. That’s just obnoxious.

4. Or too provocative.

5. But you can’t look too childish either…

6. You know if your costume is lame, you’ll be exiled from your college community.

7. After much internal debate, you finally think of the PERFECT costume.

8. You couldn’t be happier. But now it’s time to start putting it together.

9. After checking the Halloween stores and doing some online shopping, you realize this might be harder than you thought.

10. Halloween is right around the corner and you’re running out of time!

11. You call all the local stores to see if they have what you need, but to no avail.

12. Miraculously, you manage to scramble together the pieces you need between your own closet, and a few of your closest friends’ closets, too. Costume complete!

13. You ask your friends how you look and they are brutally honest.

14. So you go back, fix a few things and make some final finishing touches.

15. Your whole squad’s costumes end up coming together flawlessly.

16. You guys are ready to take on the town.

17. Now you can finally focus on enjoying your Halloween night!

There is no denying Halloween is one of the greatest holidays of the year. Here’s to planning a perfect costume this year! Don’t forget to make it one in a minion.