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Fashion Fusion from Around the World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Fashion is not only a way people express their personalities. It also acts a way of communicating your culture. Here are ways to incorporate style from different continents into your everyday wardrobe from items that can easily be found in your closet:

1. Europe has lead the fashion industry for centuries, but if you look deep within Europe you find a style that is usually overlooked. Add a touch with a headband. (Michael Kors Jolly Gold Gladiators pictured below)

2. If there is something South America is famous for, it is the gorgeous beaches and even more gorgeous women. Wear a brightly colored bikini (pictured left) and add some beaded jewelry and a braided tousled hairstyle (pictured right) for a day out in the sun. It might even seem as though you are on the beautiful beaches of Brazil!

3. Indian fashion is characterized by its use of bright colors, sequins and lots of jewelry. Start by wearing colorful bangles on a night out or getting a simple henna tattoo to show off in a backless dress (pictured left). Capture the spice of the Middle East by drawing attention to your eyes with heavy eye make up.

4. Capturing the essence of Asian fashion in your outfit can prove to be challenging, but if done correctly it is sure to leave you getting nothing but compliments. Put on some bold red lipstick (pictured right) and add a flower to an up-do (pictured left) to channel the sensuality of a Geisha. Throw on a variety of bold colored accessories to display the unique quality of Japanese street fashion.

5. With the recent popularity of animal print in the United States, African style has already made its way into our closets. Add a leopard print scarf or zebra bag to a simple outfit. However, make sure not to drown yourself in the spots and stripes…or it may look like the animal print is wearing you. If you want to target more of glamorous look, turn to Cleopatra for inspiration and focus on bold gold jewelry. (Daffodile by Christian Louboutin pictured below.)