A Family Affair: Jordan Routt’s Journey in ROTC

Although only a sophomore, Jordan Routt has a lifetime of experiences, which mostly comes from her involvement in the ROTC. She has been an active member of ROTC for two years, something that she has valued immensely during her time at UF. Her Campus UFL sat down to talk to Jordan about her ROTC experience.

Her Campus UFL (HC): Why did you start ROTC?

Jordan Routt (JR): I grew up in a military family with my grandfather, uncle and father all being fighter pilots in the Air Force. I was never pressured into joining the Air Force, but I was inspired by their dedication to serve and be a part of something greater than themselves. So I signed up for ROTC upon entering college with every intention of following my family’s footsteps.

HC: What are some of your responsibilities in ROTC?

JR: I am required to attend two Physical Training (PT) sessions a week as well as an academic class and a Leadership Laboratory (LLAB). My responsibilities have grown as a sophomore to include Leadership Evaluation and Development (LEAD) preparation. Every week we spend time preparing for the camp we are required to attend the summer between sophomore and junior year. Once I return from camp, I will be considered a Professional Officer Course (POC) cadet and on track to commission into the Air Force.

HC: What has ROTC taught you?

JR: It has taught me how to discipline myself and prioritize my schedule. But what I value most about it is the camaraderie amongst cadets. I will train alongside these cadets throughout my four  years in college. We fail and succeed as a class, and I am so excited to carry the friendships I’ve made into my career. I am grateful for the experiences the military has given me and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

HC: What are your future plans?

JR: I hope, once I graduate, I will have the opportunity to fly like my father before me. If not, I plan on becoming an aerospace physiologist and serving in any way I can.

Photo Credit: Taylor Hagan