Every Person You’ll Meet at UF, As Told by the Fab Five from 'Queer Eye'

If there’s one thing more popular than discussing politics right now, it’s the Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye. A reboot from the early 2000s, Netflix’s Queer Eye has brought together just about everyone of every color, age, gender and sexual orientation — much like the University of Florida.

Just like students at UF, Johnathan, Bobby, Karamo, Antoni and Tan have vastly different personalities but can come together for one common good — whether that’s making over a hopeless straight man or getting a college degree. So, it only makes sense that during your time at UF, you run into different people who remind you a little too much of the Fab Five members.

Here’s every person you’ll meet at UF, as told by the Fab Five:

1. Johnathan Van Ness

I would put money down on the table that you’ve meet a JVN wannabe in one of your classes. Usually an exceptionally loud star of their own show, your typical JVN student raises their hand mostly to hear their own voice. No judgment here, henny.

The JVNs who walk around UF’s campus are snappy and know exactly who they are, what they want and how to get it. Hello! Johnathan is a successful hairdresser, stars in Queer Eye and runs an amazing Podcast (Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness)! The rest of us are just sitting back and watching the JVNs of the world flaunt their crop tops and high-heeled boots like it’s nobody’s business.

2. Bobby Berk

Sweet baby Bobbys are the silent overachievers and the backbone of the student population at UF. Even without getting more of the praise they deserve for their work (like flipping an entire house in only three days), Bobbys are just happy to be part of a team. They’re the ideal group project members who want to get the ball rolling as soon as the assignment starts so there is enough time to do a good job. America may run on Dunkin’, but UF runs on Bobby Berk personalities.

3. Karamo Brown

The Karamo Browns of UF are the empathetic fuel that keeps the hot-mess express of being a college student going. Karamo is usually “the mom friend” of the group who is the best at comforting others and making people feel heard. Most of our Karamos on campus reside at GatorWell or the occasional “tell me a story for $1” booth outside the Reitz Union. And although they mostly get labeled for being the nice people, Karamos are also intelligent and fun. They’re the perfect triple threat. I’m looking at you, FYCS majors!

4. Antoni Porowski

The emotional friend who is too hot for their own good. Let’s be honest: there are some FINE-looking Antoni wannabes on UF’s campus. Antonis are the people you want to sit next to on the very first day of class. They usually have inviting personalities and tender hearts, but their social media is another ball game. Their thirst-trap Instagram mixed with their sweet personality is a recipe for disaster once you start crushing.

5. Tan France

The French tuck. Our very own Tan Frances are those classically put-together fashion gurus who know exactly what outfit should be worn for each occasion. They’re showing up to an 8:30 a.m. class in the middle of September with a burnt-orange suede jacket just for the fun of it. But Tan Frances are not just vapid. They’re usually the woke baes of the university. Caring about so much ­– whether it’s fashion or politics and religion – is one of the best qualities they have. Without a doubt, the Tan Frances of the University of Florida are the coolest of the cool.