Entertainment10: Patrick and Miley, Zayn & Eva Mendes

Welcome back to another Entertainment10! This week’s E10 is sure to give you your fill of the week’s top news from Hollywood!

1. Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus on the rocks? The two have been hot and heavy for months, with even rumored talk of marriage; however, this week, their relationship hit its first public snag. After vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, photos of Schwarzenegger’s fun in the sun were published on the Internet. Nonetheless, it’s not only what he’s doing in the Mexican vacation spot, but also who he was doing it with that is causing quite the controversy. In several photos, the 21-year-old can be seen with his hands wrapped around a female who is not Miley Cyrus. After those photos were released, Schwarzenegger tweeted that the woman in the photo was "one of my best friends girlfriend." He added that he "would NEVER do anything against [his] GF." To add fuel to the fire, new images of the actor and an ex girlfriend surfaced later in the week. E! News reports that Schwarzenegger is "totally devastated and heartbroken" over the photos. Cyrus has yet to comment on the photos; however, she joined Mike WiLL Made-It on stage at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

2. Zayn Malik quits One Direction tour and returns to the UK. The 22-year-old “Directioner” will miss a portion of One Direction’s “On the Road Again” tour following reports of extreme stress. The band’s spokesperson released the following statement regarding Malik’s break: "Zayn has signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta." Prior to Malik’s departure from the concert, the “Steal My Girl” singer was accused of cheating on his fiancée Perrie Edwards. The singer then took to Twitter to deny the claims by tweeting, "I'm 22 years old... I love a girl named Perrie Edwards. And there's a lot of jealous f--ks in this world I'm sorry for what it looks like." News of the star’s touring break came hours after he defended himself on Twitter. The band had their first concert without fellow bandmate, Malik, on Saturday. However, he is expected to return for 1D's March 28 performance in Johannesburg, South Africa next week.

3. Eva Mendes slams sweatpants and her “baby-daddy.” Ryan Gosling comes to her defense. Mendes sat down with Extra, where the she confessed her secret rule to keeping Gosling happy at home. “No no no, sweatpants, no no no . . . you can’t do sweatpants,” she explains. “Ladies, No. 1 cause of divorce in America, sweatpants—no, you can’t do that!” The actress’ comments drew immediate backlash, so much so that Gosling, who has only sent out 54 tweets in his four years of having Twitter, took to the social media site to defend his lady’s comments. “Obviously sweatpants thing was a joke. Wearing them now. That’s right, tweeting in sweatpants. Rats! Said too much! You win again Twitter.” Mendes also got in on the joke by posting a picture on Instagram of her favorite sweatpants with the caption: “Dear favorite pair of sweatpants. I was just kidding when I said you're the #1 cause of divorce. Everyone knows that orange crocs are the #1 cause of divorce. Either way it was a bad joke and feel terrible if you or anyone thought I was serious. Thanks for understanding sweatpants. Sorry orange crocs.”

4. Shia LaBeouf launched a website to allow the public to listen to his heartbeat. While LaBeouf was at SXSW, the actor wore a heart monitor and broadcasted his heartbeat on the Internet for all to listen to from March 13 to 19. For the new endeavor, the actor collaborated with Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, who he also collaborated with for his previous #IAMSORRY performance. They called it an attempt to get listeners to "turn in to the loving side of our selves." The trio also said, "[The heart] is our inner GPS, our map and our guide. It promises to lead us down the path of maximum fulfillment. If you #FollowMyHeart, it may lead to yours.” If you’re into the whole listening to Shia LaBeouf’s heart rate thing, you can still hear the March 13 to 19 broadcast at Follow-My-Heart.net.

5. Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran may have called it quits, but he’s still commenting on the model’s pictures. After Tran posted a photo of her vacationing in Cancun with bestie Christina Milian, Brown seemed to not be able to resist commenting on his ex’s provocative photo. The 26-year-old posted an image where she sits on her feet exposing her butt cheeks by pulling up on her bikini bottoms while sticking out her tongue. The photo obviously caught the attention of her ex, who commented, "Thirst trap 101,” referencing what he presumably saw as an attention-seeking stunt. “Continue to be a lady beautiful... U are perfect,” he added. The “Loyal” singer even went as far to additionally comment, “Don't let the Thot form from anger.”

6. US Weekly retracts story after Kendall Jenner denies claims. On Wednesday, the gossip mag published a story allegedly quoting Jenner discussing her father’s recently reported gender reassignment. US Weekly's story had quoted Jenner as saying: "He's a wonderful man. And just because he's changing shoes now, so to speak, doesn't make him less wonderful. I will always love my dad, whether he's a man or a woman.” However, after the reality star tweeted, “how is it legal for someone to 'quote' someone and publish it if in fact you never said what was quoted.” US Weekly “reached out to the freelance reporter” who allegedly conducted the interview, and “after attempting to reconfirm his account, editors of [the magazine had] concerns about the veracity of this interview and the circumstances under which it was obtained.” US Weekly then retracted the original article and issued an apology to Jenner and her family.

7. Scott Disick checks in to rehab. Disick checked into a Costa Rican rehab facility Monday after saying in a statement, "I realize my issues are bigger than me and I'm ready to truly remedy this struggle I continue to battle." The father of three checked into an alternative therapy facility, which uses natural plant-based methods for rehabilitation. The reality star and businessman has had a history of substance abuse, a history that has been documented on Keeping Up With the Kardashians over the years, and one that can even be seen in the current season of the show.

8. Amber Rose speaks out on Khloe Kardashian beef. Following the explosive Twitter feud between Rose and Kardashian, Rose is still talking about the incident. However, this time she is proclaiming her lack of hate for the reality star. “I don’t hate Khloe. I don’t hate her! Yes, I could have totally minded my business when it came to her younger sister and her relationship, but me being a dancer at such a young age [15] and dealing with older men gave me the humility and knowledge to deal with such a subject,” Rose told Entertainment Tonight. \ Rose also took the opportunity to discuss her ex's wife, Kim Kardashian West. “I can understand why it came across the wrong way to [Khloe], I get it, but that’s a phone call she could have had with me,” she said. “She didn’t have to tweet 11 times and try to humiliate me when the only reason why these girls have careers is because their older sister [Kim] had a little fun on tape, let’s be realistic. And I never ever ever hated on that — I’m all for a woman making something out of nothing.”

9. When fashion meets music, it’s always a good time. But when Beyoncé meets Giuseppe Zanotti, we’re talking about magic! The “Drunk in Love” singer and Italian shoe idol, Zanotti, have announced they will collaborate on an exclusive shoe design. In an interview with Forbes, Zanotti said, "I'm working on finalizing the shoe with her stylist right now and Beyoncé will then say what she likes and what she doesn't like. It will be one shoe only." So you know this is going to be good. While the shoe’s release date has not been announced, Beyonce’s BeyHive waits in anticipation.

10. Season one of Empire comes to an end. After a season of record-breaking rankings, Fox’s Empire came to an end Wednesday night, bringing in a season-high 16.7 million viewers for the finale, as reported by Nielsen data. Fox’s new show posted a 6.5 rating among the key 18-to-49-year-old demographic, and the network said that Empire had its highest rated Wednesday night among the 18-to-49-year-old age group in three years. TV’s hottest new show has steadily improved its ratings over its 10-week broadcast and has already been renewed for season two!

That concludes another Entertainment10. Hope you got caught up on all the juicy news from this past week. See you next week for even more entertainment news!